Mateusz Klich takes to Twitter to complain about his playing time


It’s fair to say Klich hasn’t played very much so far since he arrived this summer, being left out of the squad frequently. A few weeks ago he was liking tweets from fans suggesting he should be playing. Today he stepped it up a gear by simply tweeting this –

There is a chance it has nothing to do with Leeds, but it seems unlikely. Taking to social media to voice your frustrations is a dangerous game, it can turn your manager and fellow players against you along with some fans. It’ll be interesting to see if he’s in the squad tomorrow. I’d guess that he won’t be, going by his Twitter account.



  1. If he does not get a start in these under-performing times, he never will!
    He is a big lad but he does not use his power the way you would expect/
    When he played the game passed him by a bit, but TC has persevered with other new signings who have not done too well.
    I would prefer O’Kane, and still think he is our best midfield leader.

  2. If he can not get a game and O´Kane, Phillips and Vieira are better than him it is clear he have no future at Leeds and should be sold in January if possible.

  3. This Tweet says nothing, it could be about anything, the poor display against Wolves, Nando’s is closed, he missed the bus to training,this is a non-story

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