It was mentioned quite a while ago by respected journalist Alan Nixon that Silvestri would be leaving Elland Road, and it seems that’s still the case. Apparently there is interest from both Italian Clubs and English clubs. I’d be very surprised if he chose to stay in England, he seems much more suited to the Italian game. I hope we sign a replacement who is an all-round keeper rather than just a shot-stopper, someone like Dan Bentley on a free for example, he is top drawer and I’m sure he’ll be in the Premier League soon. Another option would be Alex McCarthy, he somehow found himself being Crystal Palace’s number 3 keeper and we all know how talented he is.



  1. I still have hope for Silvestri ironing out his issues and making it at Leeds but McCarthy would be an outstanding addition

  2. I would be disappointed if Marco Silvestri was sold … as I would love to see him behind a ‘proper’, well disciplined back 4 and those calling for Alex McCarthy need to look at the reasons he is currently a number 3 in the pecking order.

  3. Silvering is probably the best shot stopper in the division, yes he did have problems in commanding his area, but he is still very young for a keeper, and he did learn a great deal over the season, and started to command the area. He will only get better.
    I cannot understand why we have not recruited Niger Martin as goalkeeper coacheck.

  4. Silvestri would not be missed that much, half the time he goes missing in the box and he gets frightened if he has to leave the goal line.

    • I agree he can either be outstanding one day and rubbish the next no good on crosses and demanding around the goalmouth good shot stopper yes but better without him peacock farrell will be a great keeper for us

  5. I don’t believe Silvestri’s issues can be ironed out; he simply doesn’t demonstrate the temperament for the job. When Peacock-Farrell played he spent much of his time outside his box, yelling at his back four and generally giving the impression that Leeds were compressing the space. Silvestri hides in his six-yard box hoping to avoid any confrontation or physical contact.

  6. Silvestri is the poorest regular keeper we have ever had the misery of watching.
    Along with the rest of the dross that Cellino has signed and sanctioned, Silvestri needs to be sold together with Bellusci, Cooper,Bamba,Murphy,Mowatt, Doukara,Diagouraga, Erwin and Sloth.
    With Taylor and Cook almost certainly not going to sign new contracts, poor Gary Monk will have his work cut out to keep us up!!

  7. Both Silvestri and Bellusci are two of the worst players to ever play for Leeds and it’s their constant mistakes, that have held Leeds back, from climbing up the table, away from struggling mediocrity.
    If Leeds could get McCarthy, he would be fantastic signing, as a replacement for Silvestri, who was only in the goal last season, because Turnbull had a long term injury and Peacock-Farrell was inexperienced, but even he would have done better than Silvestri.

  8. The guys a good keeper,a bid dodgy at times but he kept us in games with some brilliant saves.The siege by Middlesbrough two years ago was a case in point,we won one nil and Silvestri was the busiest man on the park.

    • Good point! And the reason why he was the busiest man on the park….. is because the defense was a complete shambles! If you put any top goalkeeper behind our woeful defense he would struggle to keep clean sheets…and how can you control an area when you have muppets playing in front of you.I hope he stays because i would love to see him work with a quality defense,and i am sure he would prove his doubters wrong.

      • BPF played behind the same defence. He came for crosses. He forced us up the pitch by keeping well outside his 18 yard box. He was interested in the game and encouraged his team. Sylvestri hides in the six yard box, won’t claim the ball, even when unchallenged and won’t come out for one-on-ones. He clearly isn’t up to the job psychologically. And before you accuse me of xenophobia, BPF would have kept a clean sheet had it not been for the rash challenge of his centre back.

  9. non capisco per quale motivo la vostra rivista sia cosi, sempre, negativa nei confronti di silvestri, ne fate una questione di nazionalità? per me si, avete un atteggiamento prevenuto e non vedeete quanto ha fatto nei due campionati scorsi.
    andatevi a rivedere le partite e siate obiettivi, ha dovuto gestire la porta con avanti la peggior difesa del campionato

  10. I’m over hearing about cellino out rubbish whether you want him at Leeds or don’t that’s your choice but enough to with the constant repetitive comments in all subjects Leeds if I want to read people’s replies about a media comment on a situation at elland road that’s what I expect to read not the same drivel about how cellino has wrecked Leeds and he should go
    If you feel so bad about him stick your hand in your own pocket and do what he has done and save the club then watch how your spending sends you broke because you sanctioned everything the fans wanted not what you can afford so put up or shut up

  11. People who dont rate Silvestri and Bellusci havent got a clue what they are on about.
    Of course they make mistakes – this is the Championship, not the World Cup final.
    Both those players have also been outstanding in many games for club – the blind among you ignore that.
    Keep both, with better coaches, they will only improve.
    Also stop booing them – do you think that somehow makes them play better?
    The anti Italian mob are a disgrace.

    • You’re conflating analytical criticism with anti-Italian bias. Sylvestri’s game is one dimensional. Shot-stopping is good, but distribution and command of the area are shocking. Perhaps a psychologist, rather than a goalkeeping coach can do something about that; his instinct is to protect himself rather than claim the ball. As for Bellusci, he’s probably one of our most technically capable players. He has, however, cost us at least 10 points over the course of the season through rash and poorly executed decisions. I’d like to see him in the Bridcut role next season.

  12. per un portiere l’uscita in questo campionato è sempre un problema perchè viene ostacolato in tutti i modi possibili e l’arbitro non interviene mai, Marco questo lo sa e deve tenerne conto , la difesa non lo ha mai protetto , questo è il problema vero del leeds, difesa orrenda ,sempre.Guardate che ha fatto veri e propri miracoli, a volte poi inutili perchè fra svarioni difensivi e autogol non servivano al risultato finale.

  13. non dovete dimenticare che marco , quando ha deciso di venire a giocare a leeds, era prtiere titolare in serie A a cagliari e aveva 22 anni.

  14. dovete sapere che marco ama il calcio inglese e ama la maglia che indossa, se volesse,potrebbe tornare in italia e fare il portiere titolare in serie A, molte società lo vogliono

  15. sarebbe ora che imparaste a stimarlo , non mi pare, leggendo i vs commenti,che abbiate le necessarie competenze per valutare il valore di un portiere


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