A link to former Leeds player Luciano Becchio has been suggested by Yorkshire Evening Post reporter, Phil Hay, who tweeted – “Story in tomorrows YEP – we understand that Luciano Becchio is one of the players who Redfearn has asked Cellino to sign.”

Becchio, 31, was a firm fans favourite when he departed Elland Road back in January 2013, a season in which he scored 19 of his 87 goals for the club.

Phil Hay went on to tweet that Becchio has recently recovered from his heel injury, that left him out of the fixture against Leeds earlier this season, within the same week in which Cellino is expected to arrive back in England.

Redfearn has made it increasingly known that he is wanting to bring in some players with more Championship experience, and Becchio fits the bill perfectly. This is certainly a story that will whet the appetite of many Leeds fans, especially during a time of despair for the club.



  1. He should never have left in the first place but was undermined firstly by Lorimer doing Bates’ dirty work asking Simon to sell him, and later by Warnock creating a rift and then cashing in for Ken. Shameful dealings, the only ones coming out of it wuith any dignity are Grayson and Becchio.

  2. Oh dear redders, that’s what you call progression ? Get some NATURAL width in the side, give billy something to feed off and you’ll find he’s twice the player becchio is/was. Becchio had snod and gradel feeding him when at his peak. Add a decent defensive midfielder and centre back and voila !

    Do this and you’ll find the rest of the squad is all ticketyboo.


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