With the transfer window on the horizon and rumours of money to be spent, players are going to be linked left, right and centre with LUFC, and rightly they should. Leeds United as a club are really starting to come together. With McCormack signing a new contract, Austin showing the rest of the world what it truly is to be a Leeds United captain and Mowatt demonstrating the potential of Leeds United’s academy. Who would want to come to Leeds?
However, the focus of this blog, and the highlight of the season has got to be the one and only Danny Pugh.

Pugh is no spring chicken but his experience is as good as any player in the championship, some Premiership players don’t even come close to what Pughy has achieved in his career. To have occasionally been on the bench in the past year and then to have to come in to the first team, due to Warnock’s injury and the what seemed to be bad timing of Aidy White’s loan, and to show so much such grit and determination, as well as true professionalism and some incredibly memorable moments. Pughy has always trained hard and waited patiently for his chance, which is a credit in itself, knowing he was also on the transfer list. And now, well, now that he has his place in the side, I’m struggling to see how Warnock will take him out of the team. He is consistent and his movement for the goal against Blackpool on Boxing Day, before delivering a sweet, sweet cross for Peltier, was for me, as good as anything Messi and Ronaldo can do. But it is not just his performances on the pitch that have created the title of Unsung Hero, it is his loyalty to the team, the club and the mostly the fans.
Too many players today jump ship at the sight of first team football, more money and the chance to playing in the Premiership, where as since his return Danny Pugh has stuck by LUFC and has got what he rightfully deserves. Ten Years ago, footballers weren’t so fickle, they would do what ever they could for one club and would rather lose a leg than move to a bitter rival. But as they say ‘money talks, money talks, dirty cash I want you, dirty cash I need you, woah’!!!

The likes of Ryan Giggs and our former, and illustrious, captain Gary Kelly are hard to come across in the modern game. We all had hopes of Jonny Howson being the name we chanted for the next decade and that he would be the captain collecting the trophies as Leeds made their way back to the top, but again money dealt its evil hand and off he went. I hope for LUFC that McDermott does all he can during his time with Leeds to hold on to all of our youthful players and build a squad around them so that when Leeds do rise to the top once again, we have a structure and team that is true to the club and the fans. And whilst that squad is being developed, lets hold on to the Danny Pughs and show other teams that being skilful and paid lots of money is one thing, but you can not put a price on passion and determination to do what ever is needed to drive your club forward. Danny Pugh, I salute you sir and hope that as the years go by football is kind to you and that you face long lives on in the LUFC history books.

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  1. Austin showing the rest of the world…..give me a break ! Useless captain one of the worst we’ve had ,,,,,

  2. Well said sir! There seems to be a lot of whingers amongst our faithful who are only too ready to jump down the throats of the likes of Pugh, Brown et al. While we need a critical eye, we also need the ability to recognise the contribution that our less glamorous players make. Against the odds, we’re hovering around the play-offs and we have to give the lads credit for that. We’re not a one-man team, it’s not all down to Ross: teamwork is required to score goals and defend them. We are we we are now because just about every player currently wearing the shirt has given his best. And I dearly hope that Pugh retains his place, rather than being replaced by Warnock.

    OK, so we need to strengthen the squad – there’s no doubt about that – but at least let’s appreciate the progress so far, compared with the previous few years. You know, this is the first time in a long time that I actually know all the player’s names! Previously they’ve changed so rapidly that it’s been difficult to keep up with who’s who. I’m really enjoying the stability that Bmac (and GFH) have brought about. I don’t think we’ll go up this season and, quite honestly, I don’t care. As Bmac says, it’s work in progress and I agree with him. We need to build up gradually, and that means adding a few new faces while continuing to bring out the best in what we already have.

    And I hope that ER is rammed tomorrow for the Blackburn game, and that Pugh and Brown score for a two-nil win!


  3. ‘……I’m struggling to see how Warnock will take him out of the team……..’ Really!! I’m struggling to see how Warnock has a say in the matter.


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