Well, that was dire. I’m not one of those in the overreact camp, nobody will remember this when we get promoted in May.

Marco Silvestri – 2 – awful, a few camera saves early on and then he was a joke for the penalty and spent the rest of the game flapping like a good one.

Into the defence…



  1. You can see now why Gary Monk must get top 2 or 3 players.
    The team today are our reserves!!!
    I have a horrible feeling we won’t get anyone!!! AAaaaggggh!!!
    The backroom staff have been ‘working their socks off ‘ AGAIN!!
    For months without a sniff!!
    Barnsley move for Mowatt and he was gone in days!!!
    I know many fans did not agree with my disappointment at Mowatt’s sale,
    but don’t tell me this lot are better than him!!!
    The one bright spot for me was Wilks!!
    He looks the business!!


  2. I think Monk played a second second string team to make the money men realize we Do Not Have Strength In Dept
    Point well and truly proved.What a crock of shit Cooper is a disgrace would not be fit to defend against me granny

  3. All I can say after watching that debacle and abdication of responsibility/respect for the shirt is:

    Sutton United.

    No-one today was fit to wear the shirt.

    Roll on Wednesday

    (Did Gary do that to let the two owners that we only have a first team and he needs more players after they sh*t all over him by selling Mowatt …)

    Gerry Cwmbran

  4. Oh dear….. Didn’t see that coming, but maybe that was niave of me…?
    I think 6 of the top 7 in the championship have been knocked out at an early stage of the cup. Newcastle and Brighton lost 1-3 and 0-3 against lower league opposition. Reading and Wendies also out? Only Udders and possibly Derby are still in the cup and have ambitions of promotion?
    Does it all look a bit like a strategic loss or am I making excuses?
    It certainly felt like a bit of a training match. None of the urgency or intensity which appear trademark qualities of Gary Monk s teams.
    I expected a weakened team but this looked almost like a 3rd team. Even our subs were being rested.
    No Viera, no O Kane, no Pontus, no Berardi? Most of us expected 2 or 3 of these to play. Even in the League Cup we ve put out a much stronger team.
    Sorry, but it looks a bit disrespectful to the FA cup and the fans that travelled to see a “performance”.
    You d still expect us to put up more of a fight, very half hearted. I can t help feeling that Gary/Pep are reasonably relieved to now just focus on getting us up. I just think a winning mentality needs to run through the core of the club… All the way to the U23 s and Junior teams.
    I agree, some of the younger players, loan players (Grimes) and fringe players here just didn’t respond to they re opportunity to shine and maybe that’s good to know. Wilks perhaps the exception…
    I really hope this plan works as anything less than a positive result on Wednesday and we ll be wiping even more scrambled egg off our faces (again).

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