With all that’s going on with Leeds United at the moment it’s easy to forget that there is the football side of things to sort out. Teams are already confirming signings. All we’ve had is things like this…

oh and this…

We’ll wait and see eh? One thing is for sure, he’s going to have a lot of unhappy Leeds fans on his case when we don’t sign these players.

The most sound rumour so far is that of Tommy Rowe, he has just left Peterborough after being captain there for the past few years. He plays on the left hand side of midfield, a position we have lacked in since Gradel’s departure. He has been a consistent performer for Posh in both the Championship and League one and I think he would be a great signing, especially on a free. He is only 25 years old.
Another rumoured target is Southend United’s keeper David Bentley, he is a good prospect at 20 years old and McDermott even scouted him during last season, not that McDermott seems to have a say on anything any more. Bentley is a commanding figure in the penalty box, something Paddy Kenny does not possess. Southend recently were beaten in the Semi-Finals of the Play-Offs by Burton Albion so Bentley would probably be tempted away by Championship football.
As expected there has been some Cagliari players linked with the whites, mainly down to Cellino’s son Edoardo on twitter @Mfeee7. Players such as Ibarbo and Astori have been linked so far, Astori only just missed out on Italy’s world cup squad and Victor Ibarbo is in Columbia’s squad. How people expect us to sign somebody who is wanted by Juventus I do not know.
Sadly there aren’t that many rumours or any concrete business as of yet, mainly due to the on going circus that is Leeds United’s finances.
We will provide further updates throughout the summer and also look forward to the World Cup!



  1. Good, at least there not a load of dumb rumours like last year, rather just see a signing before pre training kicks off. And odd quality emergency loans once season under way, as long it aint Barkley or that sunderland lad, they were shite lol

  2. Just stay calm and be patient. Cellino is not like our recent owners. He is truthful, honest and very experienced. He is a clever man for sure and he does not suffer fools gladly. That is why he describes himself as a troublemaker for the good. There is a lot happening with all the financial issues and allegations, winding up etc, but Cellino is in charge and knows what he is doing. Just trust him. That does not mean that we will always agree with him, very improbable, but he is definately the boss and he does things his way, so keep the faith!

  3. Lufc til i die. The most important this is stabalizing the club. We want players who wana help the club not in it for just big pay packet. Billy makay. Gary mackay-steven. David Templeton an sheanon williams would b great for club. Mainly need decent defenders an a gd young keeper


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