Leeds United takeover: Update as of 6th Feb.

On Tuesday night, GFH capital all but confirmed the collapse the Andrew Flowers takeover attempt with their response to a winding up petition with a statement that can basically only be described as a teenage tantrum. In a bizarre twist the original statement was edited afterwards and an entire paragraph was removed, presumably on the advice of a lawyer. GFH condemned the actions of Flowers to issue a winding up order. The whole situation was bizarre and made the club owners look absolutely amateur hour, even more so than normal.

Coming into Wednesday morning, we all knew something was going to come following the statement released by GFH the night before, especially with the whole attitude of it. Sure enough, there were rumours of a press conference by Flowers. However, a statement was released to confirm that Flowers had pulled out of the race, the statement in full read;

“I entered discussions in good faith to buy this club for the simple reason that I am a lifelong supportericon1.png and sincerely believed that I could make a real contribution towards the goal of promotion to the Premier Leagueicon1.png and at the same time provide the stability and sound financial governance the club desperately needs.
However, the emergence of Mr Cellino’s bid, and the nature of the transaction, seems to have crystallised the attitudes of both GFH and the Leeds United board, enabling them to dispose of the club with no consideration for its ultimateicon1.png security and wellbeing.
In effect, it is a ‘fire sale’ transaction which is not in the interests of Leeds United, its playersicon1.png, staff or loyal supporters.
Both myself and my company, Enterprise Insurance, have been enormous financial supporters of the club for the last few years and while we may understand the commercial expediency which leads the owners to accept the superficially attractive Cellino offer, we remain firmly convinced this deal will not give the club the stability or investor commitment it badly needs.
Despite our serious misgivings, we wish the team, the manager and fansicon1.png well for the future and I remain a very enthusiastic Leeds supporter.
I have no other comment to make at this time about outstanding financial and legal issues between us and the current owners.”

I think this statement now puts Cellino well and truly into the driving seat, and it appears as if the takeover will go through sooner rather than later. Unless Mike Farnan can pull a rabbit out of the hat, as we stand, we are currently expecting a statement to come out from Farnan and his consortium.

The ‘Together Leeds’ consortium released a statement. It read ” We have watched events of the last week with considerable interest. We remain committed to delivering a fully-funded, sustainable, long-term plan, to rebuild Leeds United FC and restore it to its rightful place in English football. We have assembled a team of highly regarded individuals and advisor’s who have substantial reputations in football and are ready to move quickly to resolve all outstanding issues. We have reached out to GFH with every intention of demonstrating that this is a bid backed by credible Leeds, Yorkshire and footballing people that offers them an acceptable solution and the club and its supporters a dynamic future. The commitment and determination shown by Andrew Flowers has made us more determined not to walk away. Together our group can and will deliver a vision that has at its heart the club we all cherish. In the best interests of Leeds United, our offer of constructive dialogue will remain open. We now await GFH’s response and will look forward to finding a constructive, embracing solution to ensure that the distractions of this prolonged uncertainty can be put behind the club and the focus return to football.
It’s not over yet ladies and Gentlemen…



  1. I don’t think Cellino’s anybody’s idea of the perfect owner for LUFC but its plain that he’s the only game in town. I can’t get my head around a so called Leeds fan issuing a winding up order for the club (whatever the ‘tactics’). Cellino maybe a nutjob but he’s obviously not stupid and will hopefully have learnt a few lessons from last week’s debacle with Brian and that LUFC are a very different club than Caligari. Let’s judge him on what he does – he maybe not what we want but righ now he is probably what we need. MOT

  2. So pleased that they are still have their cards on the table. Leeds will never win another trophy unless the business side is sorted out by professional people like Farnham. The money from Cellino is OK, but it is not everything’s. We still need a long term, sustainable business model away from the current owners. Farnham and co could deliver.

      • Does anyone have proof out of GFH immediate circle? Just very worried that Leeds Will rise to be a Second rate PL side, forever. Cellino is not 80+ years and he has sons! We could lose Leeds United forever!

  3. It seems Mr Cellino means business. The other consortium wind bags have had since last November to sort things out. Yet it looks like it’s only going to take Mr Cellino a fraction of that time. I don’t mind Mr Cellino as owner as long as he doesn’t want to play football manager – let Mr McDermott handle that.

    • Have to agree with Andrew Mr Cellino seems to be the only one at the moment who can put his money where his mouth is.What i do hope is that he gives Brian McDermott a fair shot at managing leeds and oafter a while if he is not up for it then let him go.Dont just buy the club and sack him for the sake of it.All those who have come and gone and left the club in the mess its in Brian McDermott is there trying to manage a team with all this Turmoil.Dont let anyone tell me this dosent affect the playing side of things

  4. Can we please get this situation with Leeds United resolved.Who ever wants to buy Leeds let them buy and they will be judged on what happens in the future.Let us put the past behind us because what a past.This club needs to come out of the wilderness and be a football club that everyone knows and loves.

  5. Well isnt cellino a proven owner. He has spent money time and effort in calgari. In time I mean a long stable progressive time. As alot of the above comments state,
    lets judge him on what he does not what we think he may do. He must however keep MD in as manager to allow him to build and help improve the football on and off the pitch. MOT

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