Subject to football league approval Leeds United are now owned by Massimo Cellino and Eleonora sport Limited. The contracts have been exchanged today and this marks the start of a new era for Leeds United.

Will this be good for us? It’s hard to tell. My opinion was and still is that I don’t want Cellino to own us. He gets involved with football too much for my liking and the whole sacking/unsacking of Brian McDermott didn’t do much to improve my opinions. But I am willing to give him a chance, the first thing he should do is keep McDermott, this would win him a lot of fans. David Haigh will become CEO and Salah Nooruddin will remain chairman. Hopefully this means they will stick up for Mcdermott. One thing that is sure is that GFH did a terrible job with the finances, we’re in debt and Cellino can fix that. Hopefully we don’t see anymore of this Protests
Strangely, GFH will be keeping a 10% stake in the club along with IIB and Nooruddin who are keeping 15%. There are certainly mixed views when it comes to this takeover and we want to see the general consensus. Vote here to tell us whether YOU are happy with the takeover or not. [polldaddy poll=7781584]
Also comment to tell us your thoughts in more detail. We will hopefully have a more detailed article out soon when the football league confirm it all.



  1. I only voted yes because we can pay the bills now can’t be arsed with administration again and there were no other bids with the financial clout to do it.

  2. Let’s hope he has long arms and shallow pockets – this guy has some cash, but don’t be surprised if we are owned by a billionaire on arrival at the Premier League

  3. I am pleased its all over now just waiting for the F A aproval but please please keep Brian Mcdermot on as our manager. If you did this it would be brilliant and i believe more fans would exept this new era at Elland Road.

  4. Cellino IS a billionaire and not a millionaire, its fair to say he has alot of money behind him – I reckon he’ll want to spend to get us back to the Prem, expect some big signings in the summer boys!

    • It’s no good bringing in big signings if the manager or should I say coach, no maybe i’ll just say the person who picks the team isn’t right.

  5. I wouldn’t want to be his manager,but I just think that there was no option, we’re in for an interesting ride. It could all just work out well.

  6. Some big unanswered questions about how the new board will fund their plans. If Cellino intends buying back ER it sure as hell won’t be a gift to the club. Either he keeps the asset in his family’s company with a lease to the club, we end up with a lot of debt on the club balance sheet or he wants more than 75pc shares in return. Still better than admin though.

  7. He was the only person willing to put his hands in his pockets. Plenty of talk from others but no money. He has been with Cagliari for a long time and took them to Serie A. Give Brian the chance he deserves and lets judge him in a years time.

  8. If he hadn’t we’d would have been in a worse position than 10 years ago. Earlier this season I saw Stockport County play my local team Harrogate Town in the Conference North and we should appreciate that we are still a FL team and have now been bought out

  9. Of course we should be happy – how many times have we had prospective buyers failing to come up with the cash ? He’s the first to actually put his money where his mouth is ! All we now need is to get back ER & TA and get some decent players in, ready for a real promotion push next season.

  10. Based on what I have heard and the absolute fiasco I have witnessed over the last 7 days I am certainly not happy that Cellino has taken over. However, if the only other option is yet another administration, points deduction and quick fire sale of whatever crap we have left then of course I will take it. Best of a bad bunch I suppose.

    Like GFH and Bates before here commences another pathetic chapter in the history of Leeds United.

    • Cellinio is doing this for the glory, he doesn’t need the money. I’m glad somebody is investing in the club for the right reasons and not the usual rape & pillage we have suffered for the last 10 years.

  11. While Cellinio maybe regarded as “eccentric” at least he has ambition.

    The last Chairman with a similar approach was Harry Reynolds in the 1960’s who was accused of being a wheeler-dealer barrow-boy [he started his business collecting junk metal in the back-streets of Holbeck].

    Whatever his business backgound, Harry had ambition and he managed to push LUFC to greatness – Cellinio seems at least to have similar ambitions.

    Surely, it’s time to stop arguing amongst ourselves: if anyone needs proof of that, turn to the crap directed against us by the posh Marxist Marina someone or other, in The Guardian [5Feb]; the football and wider world are content to tolerate us grubbing around in The Championship, but any thought of progress cannot be. tolerated.

    My worry is not Cellinio, but the Football League – does anyone else sens a rule change coming?

  12. He could have been the ‘King of Porn’ and then we really would have been f****ed. But then he just might have the means to re-erect this mighty club. Let’s give Massimo a chance.

  13. I wasn’t happy to hear that Cellino will be our majority stake holder, but I was happy when GFH took over from Bates and we all saw how they ran the club. I feel a lot of pressure is now on BMD and he will have to deliver better results and performances than over the last dozen or so game, cos by any chairman’s or owner’s expectations he would expect the sack. Gary Mac went after 5 defeats if memory serves.

  14. It may not work, but also this might be just what we need. At least we know this guy actually has plenty of money, not just a pretender that likes to think they have like all these consortiums. I just hope he is willing to invest some of it, give him a chance.

  15. Its hard to say at this stage. We haven’t exactly had the most inspiring owners over the past 10 years. Ridsdale was visionary, but wreckless. The rest of them since have been pretty hopeless at running the business of Leeds United managing to plunge us in to debt despite pulling in the biggest crowd average in the Championship. He is either going to be good for us or he is going to f**k us up completely (if it is at all possible to f**k us up anymore than we already are). I would like him to give McDermott a fair crack at the job (with funds) as he is the most positive influence we have had at the club for a long time.

  16. Better than Administration any day, would have preferred a Yorkshire Business takeover but we all want Prem League at the end of the day. Definitely want BMD to stay as manager as the players are right behind him and hopefully we will have cash for some decent signings at the end of the season and say goodbye to Warnock’s lot.


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