With all the exercise fads going around, followed by their dietary counterparts, all of us need to know what the benefits of the various workout routines are. We need to know which one is most beneficial to each dietary plan too. 

We want to share with you some of the workout routines the Leeds United squad use to keep up their strength throughout the season. Check out the most used methods here:

HIIT, The Way Forward?

A new concept in the fitness world and one that has received mixed reviews. HIIT is for fitness lovers who are all about heart rate and efficiency. This is the reason it works in football, and why Leeds United players use it. 

The idea behind HIIT is to have short, intense training followed by shorter recovery periods. HIIT is not what you might do if you want to win Mr. Olympia. However, it does increase athleticism and is credited with the overall decrease in total body fat loss.

There is a method other than just speed training to HIIT. Most importantly is the warm-up, as with any workout but especially with the intensity of this one. Then it’s around thirty minutes of high-intensity training working a lot, if not the whole body.

Compound Training

Compound training is exactly what it implies. It works on different areas of the body simultaneously. Your heavyweight exercises like squats and deadlifts would be compound exercises.

Compound exercises are also beneficial in terms of efficiency as well as being a good cardiovascular workout. However, there are multiple benefits if you plan on doing this type of exercise. 

Possibly the most popular amongst serious gym lovers is the number of calories you burn. Leeds United players swear by compound training and recommend compound workouts for everyone serious about fitness. 

It also is popular amongst athletes as it builds up tolerance and often helps to fight off injuries. It’s used as a strengthening tool, especially in contact sports such as Rugby Union and Rugby League.

Isolation Training

Now when it comes to isolation training that is just good old tried and tested gym workout. Isolation training involves training one muscle group or a single joint.

So when you see a bodybuilder training, he or she will probably be doing various isolation exercises. Isolation exercises are good for an injured person too as they won’t put a strain on the injured area.

Isolation exercises promote a good concentration on muscle groups and can help in the beginning stages of our workout journey by learning the correct form for each exercise, once that is done and mastered you can move on to compound exercises.

Get Training

We hope that the above exercises are useful to you and we know from experience that you will see the benefits quickly. The players need to keep up with a variety of methods of fitness, and this often depends on their position on the pitch. Why not try some of the suggested workout routines today!