I haven’t been this excited for a new season to kick off since we escaped the hellish clutches of League One. We’re moving forward as a club again as the foul stench of GFH begins to waft away. Positive, passing football has been guaranteed as opposed to the odd pleasant move in a sea of hoofball. We’re signing young and hungry players instead of Championship journeymen who are all smiles after joining a ‘massive club’. I don’t think Cellino is perfect for Leeds but he seems to have the club and its fans and future at heart.

Once the repurchase of LS11 is assured we’ll ride a surge of positivity that’ll push us towards the play offs. I think we’ll finish 10th after we sign at least one centre-half, a winger and a Striker before September the 1st. We can squeeze into the play offs with the purchase of a 20+goal striker,  two rapid out-and-out wingers and a pair of mobile, ball-playing centre halves. We’ll create bags of chances but without quality wingers we’ll find it hard to muster up a plan B and change games when we need to stretch teams and counter. Our new Italian influx will also struggle towards the end of the season unless we can take the pressure off a little with some January reinforcements. A decent start is key to ensure that Hockaday keeps his job although results will dry up a little once eagled-eyed scouts start to suss us out.

Leeds are going up! (Next season).

Final Position: We’ll finish 10th after a lengthy flirt with the play-offs.

Top Scorer: Our new Striker will net around 15 goals but Smith and Morison will hit double figures too.

Player of the Season/Young Player of the Season: Super Sam Byram. He’s looked like the Sam of old in pre-season and he’ll thrive in our new system.

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On and On!

David Naylor

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  1. Since these were written it seems that we’ve signed Sorensen from Juventus, if he’s up to the hype we might look alot better in the back since expected i imagine.

    No overly optimistic predictions on here unfortunately, maybe everyone’s shooting low hoping they’ll be surprised?

  2. i think we ll be lucky to get above eighth ! hope we can get the sixth spot though , basically we lack experience , we lack a 20 plus striker still we may have pace now with ajose coming in, but we still need an out and out striker the write up is spot on we need another centre half as well as sorenson as wooton isnt good enough, but 8th for me uless they get the above in , ive worked for the club as a scout for the 6 to 10s ive supported leeds 45 years and love them, but there 75 percent there they will shock a few but teams coming down have 40 million in there back pocket and half a dozen prem players and can buy whenever and another 8 clubs very good so if we can make the top six it will be an unbelievable achievement, wilkos side had bags of youth but bags of experience straCHAN MCALLISTER STERLAND BEGLIN LUKIC CHAPMAN WHITE ETC ETC YOU NEED IT , SO COME ON LEEDS MOT

  3. I don’t think you will see much of matt smith at all……..he doesn’t suit the new style of play and will become a super sub


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