Luke Ayling – 5 – Not up to his usual standard, didn’t attack with the same threat or look as solid in defence.

Kyle Bartley – 6 – Better than his partner but nowhere near the performance levels he had against Newcastle and countless others.

Pontus Jansson – 4 – I thought he was really poor, made errors, a costly one for the goal, and spent most of his time trying to get booked. We actually need him for the games now considering our playoff hopes are hanging by a thread.

Gaetano Berardi – 4 – One of Berardi’s worst games for Leeds since he got sent off on his debut? Made errors and got beaten pretty easily, I think that’ll be the last we see of him starting at left-back.

Into the midfield…



  1. Not too big a surprise the way we have been playing!!
    Our midfield has been found wanting for large parts of the season.
    Once Cellino refused to back Gary Monk in January we were up against it.
    All the sides around us have better squads, and it is showing now.
    When it was announced that we had one of the lowest wage bills in our League, some fans thought it was a good thing!!
    It explains why no quality players came in January, and confirmed Massimo “spend no money rant to our new 50% owner.
    We still have an outside chance, and all credit to Gary for driving the lads along.
    We must play O’Kane and Ronaldo (if he is better after his illness).
    The pressure is on the others now, and I just hope we can give everything for the next three games!!!!

  2. We have a squad that was good enough to beat Brighton, Reading and Sheffield Wednesday at home so there is no justification for attributing some recent poor results to underinvestment. The problem has been managerial weak-mindedness and an inability to learn from experience. With Taylor and Doukara on from the start and Roofe inside I’m confident we’d have beaten Wolves even without Vieria instead of the captain. Monk is now talking about being the hunter- there speaks a former centre half, it’s what we should have been all along.

    • You have picked 3 decent performances.
      Many games we have been lucky to win.
      Our midfield is poor in most games, and get overrun.
      Our passing is a joke.
      Gary identified this and he has suffered from our terrible January window.
      He was angry with the support he received – or lack of it.
      While other teams recruited well, we did not!
      How you can blame our excellent management team is amazing.
      Gary has got every ounce of performance from our slim squad.



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