Back to the Leeds under Bielsa we all know and love today. Obviously we should have scored more than we did but we’ll take the performance at this stage.

Bailey Peacock-Farrell – 3 – Dodgy placement of the wall and his own feet for Wigan’s goal. Not much else to do, it’s got to be time for Blackman now.

Into the defence…



  1. When Forshaw plays it allows Klich, to play further forward, and he is physically stronger than Samu.
    Dallas was excellent!!
    Great performance!!

  2. A wins a win and that’s all we want, and I hate picking on individual players but I think Alioski needs a time out and let someone else have a go because at the moment he thinks he is guaranteed a place in the starting line-up and he might come back a better player if he’s dropped for a game or two.

    • Alioski must be a distant relation of Bielsa, because he’s a dead cert to start every game, despite having some howlers this season. Disappointed we hit the post yet again and didn’t win by more goals, but a wins a win and one day very soon Leeds will surely put all of their chances away and thrash someone.

  3. Great performance from some. BPF needs to spend some time on the bench. Awful positioning for their goal and he puts my heart racing when he plays around with the ball in the box, some day soon he is going to get caught out. Alioski is nowhere near as good as he should be. Invisible again today when you compare him to Pablo and Roofe.
    Nevertheless a great result. Even if sky kept turning down the sound when the Leeds faithful sang.
    If the viewers don’t want to hear a bit of bad language then take the dog for a walk.

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