Gaetano Berardi – 8 – Got forward more than we’re used to seeing from him, mainly due to Wednesday’s lack of attacking prowess.

Pontus Jansson – 7 – It was all very easy until Wednesday scored, should have been more switched on but can’t really put the blame on him.

Matthew Pennington – 5 – Extremely weak on Wednesday’s winning goal, I don’t have confidence whenever Pennington plays.

Tom Pearce – 7 – A few nervy moments early on but a solid enough debut from Pearce, he should remain in the team for the rest of the season.

Into the midfield…



  1. Very disappointing result .We sliding down the table .All the players underperformed.
    PH was a panic appointment .He has not been able to motivate the players at all.
    We need a complete overhaul of players but first to go are Orta and Kinear both are a liability to Leeds.

  2. Serious doubts about Heckinbottom, left Barnsley with a terrible recent record and carried it on here. Now is the time to really experiment eith the U23s, Farrell and Pearce seem to have shown worth maybe try a couple more. But maybe the guy running the U23 team could do that better

  3. It takes a special team to lose to Sheff Weds!
    They were diabolical and stole the game!
    We were terrible too the only way is down.
    Radz & Orta should hold their heads in shame!!!
    8 points out of 42!!
    Has it ever been this bad???

  4. WHAT? Bring back Thomas. No no no no no. PH is very respected in many quarters, BUT he is stuck with Orta, and Kinear, …. and a team that frankly are not good enough and that he didn’t choose. At least he has had the courage to get rid of Wiedweld and De Block – if Thomas was still here both of them would still be playing. You CANNOT HOPE to get anywhere with ONE centre back and ONE centre mid. Cooper is a hopeless liability, and Pennington is no better. O’Kane is truly shocking, Philips not much better. Bring back Viera – but we need better to succeed. And yet every article you see about transfers is what winger / forward we are buying – never a mention of CB / CM. These MUST be no.1 priority. And make Forshaw captain. My only criticism of PH is his ongoing use of O’Kane (Why? Does he see something no-one else does), and his using Ekuban. He’s quick, he’s lively – but he is NOT a no. 9. We have a natural goalscorer sat on the bench. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

  5. Ph is not the right manager did nothing at Barnsley and is clueless at team selection . Can see us back in league one

    • I don’t think any manager could do much with this lot.
      The Heck has only just arrived.
      Too late to save this sinking ship!

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