Not the start that Heckingbottom would have wanted, Leeds were the better team in the second half but a stupid error has let the manager down again.

Felix Wiedwald – 7 – Couldn’t do anything about Sharp’s beauty of a finish, made a few key saves in the first half.

Into the defence…



  1. roofe needs dropping
    hernandez takes his place more service to lassoga de brock good signing keep his place

  2. Alioski worked hard , how can you give Alioski the same rating as O’Kane. Had a shocker for the goal and the penalty was school play ground stuff . Should be dropped for good.

  3. De brock!!!!! Where was he for first goal total waste of money. Roofe not at the races again . Imbalanced squad we will not achieve anything with poor recruitment. Said this before a ball had been kicked but the Leeds faithful got conned because the new owner bought back Elland Road ffs . We have been run on a shambles way . Been a Leeds fan for 48 years and this is as bad as I can remember. The owner should keep off of Twitter!!!!!

  4. roofe needs to be dropped and let Hernandez do his thing okane looks out of sorts at the moment why not try anita in the midfield. I thought lossaga looked a threat up front cant wait for Sammy to come back.mot.

  5. De Brock (another Victor winner) is too slow and soft.
    Dallas was great.
    Pontus and Pennington played well – but Pontus should have scored!!
    Phillips, Alioski and Roof were poor, and we were overrun in midfield.
    Bradshaw played well.
    O’Kane did OK, but spent a lot of time in defence, with disastrous results.
    Penalty was soft.
    Lasogga worked hard and scored a great goal.
    Hernandez is class.
    Onward and upward.


  6. As a Leeds fan all my life (Aussie since 1964) we need Saiz back and forget about Roofe sell him. Obvious the officials don’t like us!. 2019/2020 I’m looking forward to … But perservere with a Manager/Coach for once!

    • He helped the ball on for Sheffield’s first goal, but Sharp was unmarked as 5 Leeds players looked at him.
      Zonal defence does not work for us.
      Alioski was hacked down, but the ref & lineman thought that was OK.
      The penalty was soft by comparison, and was a poor decision.
      Luck is not with us just now, and having to listen to Don Goodman’s gloating was painful!!
      Roofe, Phillips, De Bock & Alioski were poor.
      O’Kane was OK (no more than that), and battled hard to cover for De Bock.

      Mr Magoo.

  7. To be fair heckingbottom has had fourdays and we have not won there since 92 just get rid of weilwald problem solved want green back should never have gone

  8. If Heckingbottom as got any sense,sako o’kane and Roofe should never pull a Leeds shirt on ever again….with 300 plus players in the u’23, there must be somebody good enough to step up to the first team!!

  9. alioski by far the worst on the field today. Dallas was superb as was Hernandez. With Siaz back we should be more of a threat. We did create chances today and on another day it could have being oh so different. Back four were very good. We can only improve under Hecky. Come on get behind the team.

  10. I think the rest of this season is finding his best team and more importantly who needs to go at the end of the season. My view is definitely Okane, Anita. Also I can see Roofe being sold. Think I’d start trying a couple of the CB from the u23s like Struik alonside Janson, not sure Penington is the answer. Also the young right back from the u23s. Lot to work on to the end of the season, hopefully have a strong finish to give hope for next season.

  11. Corrupt officials again like fa had penalty turned down an their goals were poor marking from us roofless gotta go we played in pockets first half when chasing game second half lot better my man of match Jannsson

  12. As I said pro-match, why on earth we let Hernandez on the bench and choose stupid as no. 10 role!!?? Looking at what okane has done!!! Next game I am begging You Paul please put Hernandez as a no 10 role and get rid of okane please!

  13. We were not as bad as some people make out. Thought we looked more solid at the back & Dallas was excellent given the circs – one sliding tackle in the area was outstanding which Berardi probably would have given a pen away. Not happy with De Bock today, better in the 2nd half but a million miles away from Taylor. Roofe will go in the summer – far too lightweight & no where near quick enough for what we need. Alioski needs to be dropped at least until Saiz is back. O’kane was not the worst but, he has cost the team in big moments recently so is not to be lauded. Frankly, we need better than him. I see a good player in Forshaw – moves the ball well so hopefully, more to come. No real need to mention Pablo other than he should have started & is the best we have. Final word for Der Bomber – he is a confidence player & has had it sucked out of him by some of the dross around him & lack of service. If we tap into it I believe there is a far better player in there than Wood – fabulous header & a great turn & shot in the first half which just whistled past the post. Put him in a quality side which create & he will cause havoc & get you a boat load.

  14. Their confidence may be at an all time low but mine is too. I’m grumpy and argumentative and pissed off and negative and dejected and depressed which makes my coworkers and family hate me even more than usual.

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