Not vintage Leeds, but it was stereotypical Leeds. Absolutely brilliant save by BPF.

Bailey Peacock-Farrell – 9 – Fair play BPF. You shut us all up tonight. Massive save.

Into the defence…



  1. I for one was wanting Baker to start but bit of a let down..think he’s better with Saiz next to him…Alioski needs about 2 months on the sidelines & we need someone to support Roofe up front

  2. Forshaw, Klich and Baker are too similar.
    None of them want to take the game to the opposition, so we end up passing round in circles.
    Alioski needs a long rest.
    Well played Dallas & BPF!!
    Another hard fought 3 points.
    Marcelo was restless!!!
    So was I.


  3. Forshaw slows the game down and rarely does anything of interest whereas Klich is always looking to create and finds intelligent positions. Saiz should start with Klich, with Phillips taking Forshaw’s position, when Jannson returns. Alioski has never convinced me and looks more unconvincing by the game. I would rotate Clarke and Harrison on the right – not ideal, but we do not have any alternative.

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