Leeds have scored 4 goals, away, and only conceded 1? No, you’re not dreaming. There’s just something about this team. These are my player ratings.

Rob Green – 9 – Made one unbelievable save at 3-1, if that had gone in it would have changed the game. I think he gets a lot of unfair stick.



  1. These players get better and better lets get the loanees signed asap our coach has proven that he knows what he’s talking about,even Cellino keeps in the background at last, new investment is a priority Charlie Taylor should be sold asap in the new year to warm a minor prem clubs sub bench.i think Berrardi is a better player and should be given the left back position permanently.he never ,moans and gives us better quality, a proven striker like Rhodes with Wood could just get us promotion automatically if the top 2 slip up with our outstanding
    supporters providing an extra man
    It’s a funny old game
    ciao mot


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