A good first half performance followed by an all-too-familiar Leeds collapse, these are the ratings…

Bailey Peacock-Farrell – 7 – You have to feel bad for BPF, he’s never going to get a clean sheet for Leeds and it isn’t his fault.

Into the defence…



    • He has started to get that glazed, rabbit in the headlights look, we have seen so many times before from our managers!!
      His injury and banned list has made his position impossible.
      We are not good even when everyone is fit!!

  1. Toilet performances from many. Just pull the chain and get rid of the real – – – – including Orta who brought most of them to the club !

  2. How can AR keep this clown as manager..?????
    Oh and while we’re at it clear the entire squad out and start a fresh

  3. What a load of crap. Shite players (90% of them). Shite manager (100% of him).
    Hasn’t a clue what’s going on. The worst Leeds panel I have ever seen, and that’s saying something considering we were in league one a short time ago. I know you can say Heckinbottom inherited that squad but he still plays Anita, Dallas, Grot. Ekuban, O’Kane and I know he didn’t play today. Thankfully. We would be better off giving the fringe players a chance. Look at O’Connor, he hasn’t put a foot wrong and I know it’s only his second start. There must be more young players like him.
    It’s time for a big clean out and the first one out the door should be Orta, followed be Anita, Ayling, Cooper, O’Kane,Pennington, Dallas, Grot, Lasogga, Ekuban. 9 players there that should never pull on a Leeds shirt again. They are not fit to wear it. Crap panel, Crap manager, Crap season.
    M.O.T !!!!!!!

      • I don’t agree DJ sorry. Before he got injured he was very poor game after game. Gave away the ball time and time again.
        Not what you want or expect from a defender.

  4. It’s rumoured the hammers want Pontus. He will be gone. You can see how frustrating it is for him playing beside crap, with the exception of O’Connor. Would you want to play with Anita and Pennington and Grot and O’Kane and Lasogga and 5 or 6 more Muppets in the squad.
    Sick of this shit every week. Shit result after shit result.

  5. Heckingbottom useless and then talking about bringing his barnsley player’s in and that team dropping down to the lower division and leaving the left back to warm the bench (Tom Pearse). Talk about giving the young players a chance He hasn’t a clue. Sooner the better he goes.

  6. To relieve us leeds fans from this weekly pain,of dreadfull performances.and embarrassing defeats.the owners should have the guts to withdraw from the football league.then demolish Elland Road.build a sewage works on the site.keeping the name leeds utd.where you can still watch crap!

  7. Heckinbottom…… Who is he. Why didn’t we go for someone like Mark Hughes at the time. Someone with a proven managerial record. Why….. I will tell you why. No balls, no ambition. These so called football men at the top just don’t know anything about football. Orta was at Middlesbrough and look where they are now. He brought crap in there and he is doing the same again at elland road.

  8. Tragic. Biggest tragedy … while all LU fans (inc. me) are (rightly) angry – no-one is surprised. What happened? Dallas and Anita can’t defend – we already knew that. Ekuban can’t score – we already knew that. Grot is beyond hopeless – we already knew that. And it’s NOT the lack of alternatives. Grot and Anita on, Pearce Saiz, Alioski on the bench. Why don’t we have a better manager? Because no half decent manager would come here while Orta is in position – he is number 1 at fault here, but Radz won’t move him.
    Picking up 2 comments here …. Ayling was one of our most potent attacking threats … but invariably forgot to defend – that’s why Bristol City got rid of him. AND Hughes, McCarthy etc. will NEVER come while Orta is around. Fact.

    • I agree with you Nick 100%. We are the laughing stock of the championship. A club that everyone wants to beat because of the history and size of the club.And the sad thing is everyone is beating us.

    • The manager said that both Lassoga & Saiz are carry injuries.
      He would have started both otherwise.
      While our defence and midfield are so brittle, whoever plays in attack will have to work miracles for us to win a game!


  9. You always get the don’t criticise brigade but this has gone on long enough. I said when Heck was appointed 1 win in 16 for Barnsley told us he’s not good enough. He’s a monotonous automoton already dislike him get rid! McCarthy would put a rocket up their asses, the ones who have ability, not much of the squad left then! Hate to say it but with nothing to lose a lousy end to season may seal his fate.

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