So many below par performances today, which should come as no surprise at all. If Heckingbottom keeps his job this summer, we may be in serious trouble next season.

Bailey Peacock-Farrell – 5 – That’s the first mistake we’ve seen from BPF in a while, made a few good saves prior to Norwich’s second but he has to save that shot.

Into the defence…



  1. Emabarrasing today. If Saiz can give us any money at all, I am willing to let him go. We need steel, not wannabe wizards with rollerblades.He is waltzing around with brilliant skills yes, but for what good? Because of his habit over falling over as soon as anyone gets near him he, nor Leeds, never get a penalty. I am not convinced Hecky will last until preseason either.

    Anyway MOT. Will be coming til Elland Road again next season. Can’t wait

  2. Pablo and Sami and Vieira have too many way below performances for me.
    Why he didn’t play O’Connor is mind boggling. We need a complete clear out and that should start with Heckinbottom.
    He is totall out of his depth.
    When was the last time we kept a clean sheet ?. Yes, will this season ever end.
    If we persist with this panel of rubbish again next season we will be looking at league one.
    We have dead wood all over the panel. At least 7 new signings needed and keep Orta away from recruitment. Heckinbottom won’t know how to fix the problems at elland road. He hasn’t got a clue. I don’t blame him as he inherited that squad. If he had the man city squad he still wouldn’t know what to do with them.

  3. Again Saiz and Alioski play head down like school kids. Flicks, twists and feints instead of the tackles, steel and shots that we need. No more second string unproven players from second rate leagues abroad. Our boys in the Academy are better so give them a chance. Heckingbottom wants to sign some players from Barnsley? Would that be the Barnsley flirting with relegation who had won only 8 of their previous 50 games when we appointed their manager? Heck to go and Orta out too.

    • Agree with you. That’s why Heckinbottom has to go. Sign who from Barnsley for heaven’s sake. The man has no influence where signing players is concerned. Go away and get a manager that has some sort of pull and a good reputation. Radrazanni is trying to get us back in the premiership by buying rubbish from shite leagues all over europe. That’s not going to work. There’s 7 or 8 players in our squad that wouldn’t be at Leeds if they were any good. Anita, Pennington, Vieira, Cooper, Alioski, Ekuban, Lasogga and I am sure I have left out one or two more.

  4. I have just listen to radio Leeds coverage of todays commentary of Norwich v Leeds Utd.
    It shows how LU are a very ordanary football team who are going nowhere.
    This has been the case right from before Christmas. If the club does not get rid of at least half of the first team squad, and the team coaches do not inspire the players to fight and compete, we will be doomed to be relegation foder for the next season 2018/19.
    It will also affect our fan base that has grown over the last couple of years.
    The club will lose these fans as they will not want to watch an inferio team week in and week out, that lacks talent, fighting spirit, and the wiil to achieve the levels that are needed to compete with the other teams in the championship league.
    The future for the club looks very bleak.

  5. I have said it before and will do again, the shower of shite called LEEDS UNITED have been a disgrace since before christmas and should be ashamed to pick up thier wages. ORTA ruined Middlesborough now he has ruined Leeds. Heckingbottom could not run a pub team. We dragged him away from a team that was heading for relegation, what the hell for, the man has no idea of selecting a team or using subs. His intention is to bring in players already heading for relegation, great idea.
    I have supported our great club for 60 years and cant remember such a collection of no hopers.

    • I have supported Leeds since 1964 Lorimer was 16 when I first saw. Him play the other players like Reaney, Hunter, Madeley,Gray,Brenner,Giles,Sprake, were in early twenties or teens! With Bobby Collins, Charlton,Storrie,Bell the older and experience players! Now is the time to have a clear out and get some experience players who knows this league and blood our promising youngsters in! Could it ever happen again! Mot

  6. We have become a joke since Xmas. Why the fk did we get rid of TC with this useless manager? Clear out time starting with Heck..

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