After having time to mull over the result, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was without a doubt as horrendous as it seemed at the time. A few of the Leeds players really embarrassed themselves yesterday.

Kiko Casilla – 5 – This game was by no means down to Casilla, he didn’t have that much to do. The first two goals were due to extremely poor defending and deflections, the last one he could have done better with but even that wasn’t easy.

Into the defence…

Luke Ayling – 0 – Is a zero harsh? No I don’t think so. What an absolute state of a performance from Ayling, if Shackleton doesn’t replace him for Boro I will be amazed.

Pontus Jansson – 3 – Jansson started the downfall that was this performance, if he hadn’t messed around with the ball early on then we wouldn’t have given away a freekick and gone one down.

Liam Cooper – 5 – Not quite as horrific as the previous two but he looked more like the Cooper of last season than the consistent player we’ve come to love this season.

Gjanni Alioski – 4 – Decent at left-back, catastrophically bad at left-wing.

Barry Douglas – 0 – Other than his assist for Bamford’s goal, I’m not sure he completed a pass, it was possibly the worst half from a Leeds player at Elland Road since Rachubka.

Into the midfield…

Adam Forshaw – 0 – It’s hard to ever fault Bielsa but picking Forshaw over Kalvin Phillips has to go down as one of the worst decisions ever made not just in football, but in life.

Matuesz Klich – 3 – Kept trying to play the ball first time when it wasn’t there, put in a good shift but no quality.

Tyler Roberts – 6 –
Probably our best player on the day, his work-rate was the best on the team by far. He made some intelligent runs and was unlucky not to have won a penalty

Into the attack…

Pablo Hernandez – 3 – Maybe the worst performance from Pablo in a Leeds shirt? Despite that, the difference between Leeds with and without him was clear to see, we weren’t great in the first half but the second was a disaster-class.

Jack Harrison – 1 – There’s never going to be any consistency from Harrison, he was unbelievably easy to read for Norwich’s defence yesterday.

Jack Clarke – 5 – Did more than Harrison with his first touch. There’s no doubt that Clarke was poor the previous two games but there has to be some sort of solution which ends up with Harrison not playing, surely?

Kemar Roofe – 3 – Clearly the service to him was not up to standard, but there was far too much throwing himself on the floor and little end product from him.

Patrick Bamford – 7 – Two chances, one goes in and one hits the bar. Is there a chance he starts against Boro?

Let us know what you think needs to change for the game against Boro!



  1. It is amazing how you can so many poor player in one game?
    It was crying out for Kalvin!!
    Also Shackleton should have brought on at half time!!
    Ah well!!
    Early days for our new goalie, but needs more games to blend in.
    Norwich still riding their luck!!

  2. I’m fed up with Bielsa apologizing all the time.
    A lot of players need to shape up and quickly. At Boro Philips, Shackleton, Clarke and Bamford must start, and I would like to see Izzy Brown in there too. Yrsterday was probably the worst collective midfield display I have ever seen at Leeds aided by Janssen in defence.
    I haven’t seen anything from Casillas as yet to convince me he is an upgrade on BPF.
    For me Bielsa has presently hit the buffers and there may be worse off field to come yet from the EFL. Why on earth did the club allow him to do that presentation and admit spying on every team in the division?
    We are still there but the last few games have been more like relegation form. If we are to get promotion Bielsa and his staff need to get some convincing wins with goals and not playing catchup.or we will be out of it by early March.

  3. You say share your thoughts. Well here are my thoughts on an absolutely disgraceful performance yesterday.
    I have been saying this for the past 2 years, Ayling is not fit to wear the jersey and Bielsa must be blind. He can’t dribble with the ball, he can’t pass the ball, he can’t run properly. He only has one leg, well he has 2 but one must be prosthetic . He is the worst right full in the championship . He is brainless when he gets the ball.
    Pablo has been poor for the past 2 months . Klich started the season so well but now he is back to square one. Clueless going forward lately, giving the ball away time after time . Harrison is another very poor player, one good performance and ten poor ones. Not good enough.
    What is Bielsa thinking, no Phillips, no Clarke, does he want to get us promoted or not. How can we be so good against Derby and so poor against Norwich . KR is frustrated with the service he is getting and now it is showing. He was lucky to stay on yesterday with all the moaning he was doing.
    Forshaw is another very poor player. So there you are, Ayling, Harrison ,Klich, Forshaw, 4 so called footballers that should never put on a Leeds shirt as long as they live, because if Bielsa persists with those 4 muppets we will be lucky to make the playoffs.
    My starting 11 against Middlesbrough.

    Shackleton . Jannson, Cooper, Douglas ( he could never be that poor again).
    Clarke, Phillips,Roberts, Pablo ( one more chance). Izzy Brown. Bamford
    If Shackleton can’t play , my grandad is available instead of that muppet Ayling that thinks he is a footballer.


  4. For me, since the whole spygate fiasco, there is something just not right with Bielsa. He seems to have gone right off the boil and some of his decisions have been truely baffling. Its as if he has thrown in the towel and as a result he is not firing up the players like he used to. He has obviously been hurt and embarrassed by the whole spygate and its being reflected on the pitch…

    • Absolutely correct but all of his own making! If we get the expected punishment by the EFL the whole saga will raise it’s head again. I’m not so sure he will be around much longer and I think Richard Keys (ex Sky) was probably correct when Radz talked him out of resigning when he called that press conference and really spilt the beans unnecessarily.

    • I agree with you Kev. Spygate has really upset the manager, the players, everyone really. Yes his decision making has been truly baffling. To leave Kalvin and JC out on Saturday was mind boggling. We are not blessed with 20 top class players, far from it, so we need to put out our strongest team every time. Every team is gunning for us. We are there to be shot at right now, especially since this spygate scandal has reared its ugly head.
      Hopefully we get the right result against Middlesbrough and what happened against Norwich will be all forgotten about.

      All Leeds Are We

  5. I’d not heard about Bielsa’s possible resignation. I hope the whole spygate thing is finished with soon and hopefully we don’t get too harsh a punishment for something that didn’t break any rules. Heaven help us if Bielsa does walk because these players will revert back to their norm and performances like Saturday’s will be commonplace again. Why is being a Leeds fan always difficult? I really thought this season was the one, now I’m not too sure!

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