Not a game you’ll want to watch back, that’s for sure. Leeds were awful. But what does matter, is Gaetano Berardi scoring his first ever goal. What a moment from the Swiss King, his celebration showed that he’s about as Leeds as a player can get. Anyway, into the ratings…

Andy Lonergan – 6 – Didn’t have much to do but didn’t make any mistakes on a dodgy pitch so that’ll do. Couldn’t really help with the goals.

Into the defence…



  1. Garbage selection and garbage performance. Disgusting again from Leeds. Should have forfitted the tie if we weren’t interested. Berardi an exception today, he was immense

  2. We obviously didn’t learn anything from Sutton last year. When you make that many changes you are asking for trouble. A lot of the players are just not good enough. Poor team poor management today.

  3. Pathetic, awful, embarrassing. The players were awful but it’s TC who is picking them, selecting the team/formation and some of his substitutions of late have been crazy.

  4. Thought your ratings apart from Beradi where very generous, and i would put the manager in there with 1 out of 10.

    • Yes they probably were. I’m so used to Leeds doing this it’s hard to get as angry as I used to

  5. Groundhog day again terrible team selection 9 changes and hmmm we dont need a striker Lasoggy and grotty were so bad today.

  6. I am fuming, total disjointed team selection by TC, how he can say we don’t need a striker! what a joke we cant score against league 2 opposition and no respect to Newport we should be professional and win these games quickly to allow player rotation. This is now compounded by Saiz serving a 3 game ban

    Grot Lasooga not good enough get rid

  7. Sorry but manager needs to go!,He will come out with same old excuses,we missed chances but played well he will say. We don,t seem to have any ambition the same as last season.

  8. Baradi is becoming our latest Mr reliable. He give his most games.
    Would have scored grot 1 and lasagne 3 today. Grot should be fined for that tackle, could tell he was going for the man on his way in to the tackle.

  9. I really do think that Leeds have one of weakest squads in many years and far too many of the players aren’t even League 2 standard.
    Grot as grotty and toothless as ever, Shaughnessy totally out of his depth, Sacko a total waste of time.
    If Lasogga is so good, then he should be scoring a hat full against a team like Newport, but no another poor performance !
    The season is collapsing and no players are going to be signed apparently, because this very poor squad is deemed as good enough and world-beaters ! You must be joking !
    Is something behind the scenes deliberately stopping Leeds from getting promotion before a certain year, because it’s beginning to look like that and I’m beginning to smell a rat ?

  10. We all can’t be wrong, so why cant the Manger see it,to many back room staff and not enough good players WHAT IS GOING ON WITH OUR CLUB?

  11. Paul Major? 😂 you actually a Leeds fan?

    Manager is doing the best with the tools he has a his disposal. When is he supposed to give game time to reserves/youth if not against that garbage?

    Lassogga and Grot are shit. Grot has potential if loaned out to a Cambridge or League two type side. Lassogga is too far gone…. unless he loses about a quarter of his muscle and actually develops some pace.

    It is clear we need investment in the first team to offer squad depth but havent got the resources to buy developed players outright. Answer seems to be to develop the youth team…. my one question is why not fecking play someone like Temzhukov?? Mobile and knows where the goal is. Time and time again Lassogga and Grot a proven to be ineffective.

    Newport are a team play week in week out with eachother, were up for it on their own crap pitch. We werent (exceptions being beradi, phillips and maybe cibiki) and played shite.

    Hadi Sacko is shite. Bag him off.
    Shaughnessy needs a couple of league 1 seasons to develop.

    Grot.. shite at mo but could come good with game time in league 1.

    Lassogga. Shite, get rid as he must be costing a shit load in wages.

    Borthwick Jackson. Shite. Will drive him back to Manchester.

    Anita…… dont know what position he is good at playing… composed does a job… but unsure how he got in newcastles 1st team.

    As for others… apart from beradi/phillips/anita/cooper are not good enough for the first team or apparently league two.

  12. To sum up
    Under the heading of unacceptable and no where near good enough to play for Leeds
    Grott, Lasogga, Sako, Klich and the lad from Man U.
    Under the heading of fighting a loosing battle
    The other 6 who are no great shakes anyway
    How far have Leeds progressed since the embarassment of Sutton last year – nil on this showing.

  13. There are so many things I would like to say and non of them very pleasant. I feel so sorry for the supporters that made the journey down to Newport today with the hope of going into the next round of the FA cup. With the exception of Beradi, the rest should hang their heads in shame. There is not an ounce of passion or fire in the belly of any of them. The way we are playing, the Premier League is a million mile away. When a team as lowly as Newport(and full respect to them) can play Leeds off the park, as Sutton did last year it’s time to rethink our position. Forget all the changes, these are supposed to be players who we are looking too to take us further. We are so disjointed, both in attack and midfield. I just cannot get my head around it. We don’t close down, we don’t work as a team supporting each other. It’s a disgrace. Too much mister nice guy here, we need someone who has the bottle to tell some of these “primal donnas ” that they arnt good enough and unless they put a real shift in they are out.

  14. The match went exactly like I expected – sadly.
    It was obvious with the team selection, and a poor bench that ‘we’ are not interested in the FA cup.
    They had a big lump who caused us all sorts of trouble, and Anita only came up to his knee!!
    We had a big lump who did not use his size – Grot!!
    I thought Lassogia worked hard for 90 minutes, and looked most likely to score.
    Hadi and Pawel were awful.
    Pawel’s passing was diabolical, when in good positions.
    It all shows what a poor squad we have, after the first eleven.
    I really hope we bring at least 3 players who can walk into the first team!
    players for the reserves, or players who cannot play until next year are of no interest to me.
    The players Victor has brought in (apart from Samu) are squad players at best.
    We have not replaced Wood, Taylor, Bartley or Green!!
    Still a selling club!!!


  15. I think the sad part of all this is, after 54 years following LUFC i don’t feel anything, over the last 17 years i have had all the emotion dragged out of me, nothing to shout about and i am just sad that we are not even capable of beating a second division team, that’s no disrespect to them, and i don’ t think we will go up this season the team are not good enough and the manager should be sacked he has not got a clue, too many games were we have won with no posesion and we dont have a creditable forward line, i could go on but no point it has all been said.

  16. FFS.
    The 1st team is just about good enough to earn a play off place.
    What concerns me is the depth of talented players and the commitment of 2nd tier players. This should be their opportunity to prove themselves to push for a 1st team place or alternatively put themselves in the shop window. What is wrong with these people? I can only assume that they just are not good enough.
    I felt that Berardi, Philips and Lassoga played well / okay …. but that’s it. Lassoga could play off a decent front player, he is not a lone striker.
    I love and hate Leeds. I was present at, and sad to say, this is Suton all over again. LEEDS UNITED have got go be proud and respectful to whomever we play. But that said a a 2nd team should still be able to achieve against a team so far below us. It’s not even the score ine that shows us up. …it is the whole competence and attitude that we display that is so worrying, frustrating.
    And confusing.
    Leeds supporters…. God bless and help us all 😉

    Hopefully this will highlight that a couple of proven quality players are required in January. Deja Vu

    Happy 2018… we deserve it

  17. A total disgrace from the manager with that selection today. I agree with all the earlier comments. Lasogga and Grot are not fit to wear the jersey. No heart, no passion. Anita and Brothwick Jackson are out of their depth. The 4 players mentioned above are a total waste of space. You said maybe Jay Roy Grot needs to go out on loan, I say get rid. Sacko had his chance today and he was awful. Cibicki is another waste of space. Totally out of their depth. Wouldn’t be there if we had a decent manager. Supporters from other clubs must be laughing at that team selection today. What a load of crap. Is TC living on another planet or what. As was said earlier i feel so sorry for our travelling supporters today, having to look at that rubbish. At least at home you can switch off the television, I did. The jury is still out on Shaughnessy, Klich, and Lonergan. Get in a manager that knows what he is doing. Mark Hughes is available. Apart from our regular 13 or 14 players we have nothing. The second string players are not fit to play in league one. Having said that there are a few in our first team that a hanging on by the skin of their teeth. We are going nowhere fast, except a slippery slide down the table. I will be shocked if we finish top six with that shite of a squad. We don’t deserve anything else. BTW what did Saiz do. Did he spit???.

    • I also agree with Kevin and I have been following Leeds for 44 years and it must be the weakest squad I have seen in a very long time. TC is way out of his depth. No goalkeeper. 3 or 4 defenders that wouldn’t get a game anywhere else. 2 strikers ( if that’s what you want to call them), Grot and Lasogga who not only should be driven out of the club but out of the country. They are so bad. Brothwick Jackson is never going to make it. Man U can have him back. He should have been sent back long ago. Ayling wouldn’t be there if we had someone else. He wouldn’t pass water. Anita, Sacko, Cibicki had their chance.
      Aside from Berardi, Phillips today we were crap. We have been poor as often as we have been good so far this season and that’s a recipe for bottom half of the table.
      TC out before it’s too late.
      I hope and pray we make the top six but I seriously doubt it.

  18. Christianson totally out of his depth.Send him back to Cyprus .He is clueless and winging it.We need and deserve
    a proper hardened manager,not a nice guy like him.

  19. lasogga get rid hes a proper donkey cant run cant hold the ball up crap in the air disgrace . tc is out of his dept has no idea how to change the game when needed time to go . too many sub standard plAYERS IN SQUAD we atleast need a proper championship striker . its been 14 yrs time the board pulled there fingers out get us back where we belong

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