What a game at Elland Road! It couldn’t get much worse in the first half, we thought we had them in the second and we still manged to lose. That’s Leeds.

Felix Wiedwald –8 – Despite conceding four he actually had a good game and if Leeds had held on it would have been largely down to him. Made some great saves.

Into the defence…



  1. Sack TC week in week out same old story frustration
    Liam copper has let down the team and fans in a big way
    No top six spot this season as well

  2. Losing 6 points to Millwall says a lot about us, and our lack of ‘heart’ over 94 minutes.
    Looking for excuses as each game goes by is the usual manager response.
    We are just not good enough.
    We brought 15 new players in!!
    I felt today that Millwall would snatch a point, not a victory.
    We are sliding down, as other teams are gaining momentum, and strengthening their squads.
    Twas every thus.
    15 YEARS IN the Doldrums, and no nearer to promotion.
    Our form has been terrible for a while, and it reminds me of last year-and the year before-and the year before that.


  3. Come on Amanda,get your purse out. Christianson and cooper must go for a start and Radrizzani may as well sell up now as he’s clueless. Why has this been allowed to continue?

    • Sorry I disagree
      TC being let down by his players (3 red cards)
      Squad much better than last year
      Rome not built in a day
      Radz inherited a disaster from Cellino
      Give him time I believe he will deliver not this year but over next 2 years with the right acquisitions as long as we hold on to our best players

  4. It just shows how pissed off we all are. Only 3 other fans posted a comment here. That says it all. Nobody wants to say anything because it has all been said week in week out. We are crap and that’s the truth.
    Milwall put 4 past us today and there won’t be anything done about it. Excuses, Excuses,
    Sick of this rubbish every week.
    The fans should stay away. See if the powers that be will do something about it then.

  5. TC has to go. He is unable to make the right tactical calls. His voice alone makes it difficult to take him seriously. And he appears to have favourites. One wonders how AR became so successful when his choice of a Manager is so poor.

  6. But this is not the only question mark against AR. He has given the nod to a memorial celebrating our legends which may well and probably will not see our highest goals other and longest serving player be commemorated. The concept of a Bremner XI comprising players who have no connection with Billy is nonsense anyway. There is a whiff of GHF about some of AR’s initiatives.

  7. same crap week in week out manager hasnt got a clue. the team isnt gd enough for a top 10 let alone promotion. another year same old exscuses ,

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