Leeds were in control of a poor game when Eunan O’Kane decided to get sent off in the first half. Although there wasn’t a lack of effort after that, the quality was lacking and so was the result.

Felix Wiedwald – 7 – Had no chance with the goal and dealt with everything else that came his way.

Into the defence…



  1. How long is this going on ,manager as clueless as some of the players. Anita,o,kane and sacko got to go!.

  2. Shambles.
    Ipswich very poor.
    Leeds 1 shot on target!!
    Too many rubbish players.
    Very weak bench!!
    We are on the slide!
    Too many better teams than us.
    Top 10 finish.
    Thank you Victor!!


  3. Could have gotten at least a point today. Cooper missed a sitter. Christiansen hasn’t a clue how to re-arrange a team when we are in trouble. I still say it’s not too late, teams above us are dropping points also but we will go nowhere with the likes of Christiansen, Anita, Shaughnessy, Cibicki, Alioski, O’Kane,Sacko and I know he didn’t play today but Ayling is not good enough.
    Too many players getting too many chances and simply not delivering.
    The sad thing is we are not taking advantage of the fact that the teams around us are not getting away from us.
    6 or 7 of our squad must pinch themselves every morning wondering are they dreaming. Not fit to wear the jersey. Christiansen is way out of his depth and the sooner the powers that be realise that the better. The buck stops with him.

  4. This is going to prove now how serious the Leeds board want promotion.. the squad is piss poor so needs money spending on the first team not the u23’s we need a striker, creative midfielder,a midfield general and a new keeper.

  5. I agree with Mark. Come on the board and show us are you going to do something about it now. Or are we doomed for another season in the championship.

  6. Orta was shit at Middlesboro and is no better for us – bought loads of crap up there and in amongst it 2 players came good! Middlesboro went down and if he’s allowed to go on this year or next year we will go down too.
    Promotion? No
    Top 6? NO

    Management is also crap and simply not good enough.

    Why did he not put Anita in midfield? (He’s a midfielder! – not very good but certainly better than left back.
    Substitutions crap.
    Newport selection crap
    No respect for the club

  7. Big let down by the players two red cards off the ball in last two games. Some of them think they are bigger than the Club. Something is not right at the Club, Christiansen to week? The Club must come hard on the players, ban them from the media etc and let Saiz and O´Keane clean the toilets when taking out there bans.

  8. Look, it proves it that Christiansen and Orta are going nowhere fast. They cant see that we don’t have anywhere near a squad good enough to take us back where we belong. We are the biggest club outside the premiership and we should have the biggest and best manager, squad, and backroom team, but we don’t and never will with that shower of muppets.

  9. TC needs to grow a pair and tell the board what he needs. The fans can clearly see it. Jansson, Hernandez, Siaz, Ayling, Viera & Dallas the only ‘top six’ players we have. Copper, Beradi, Alioski, Roofe, Phillips, Pennington, O’Kane would make a good bench at best.
    How the hell is Victor Orta a director of football? Surely you wouldn’t sign Wieldwald, Bothwick-Jackson, Anita, Jay-Roy Grot, Cibicki, Losogga, or Klich for the championship if you have ever seen them play football? Then again someone signed Sacko. Please God, can we have descent striker that knows what the Championship is all about!

  10. TC needs to grow a pair and tell the board what he needs. Everybody else can see it. Jansson, Hernandez, Siaz, Ayling, Dallas are the only ‘top 6’ players we have. Cooper, Beradi, Alioski, Roofe, Pennington, Phillips, O’Kane would be a good subs bench at best.
    Can anybody explain how the hell Victor Orta is a director of football? Surely you would not sign Wiedweld, Bothwick-Jackson, Anita, Jay-Roy Grot, Cibicki, Lasogga, or Klich for the Championship if you had seen them play! & Please God can we have a striker that knows the Championship.

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