A much-needed three points despite the lacklustre performance, it’s about time Leeds won a game without playing well. In saying that, Hull were diabolical.

Bailey Peacock-Farrell- 6 – Had nothing to do but watch the game for the majority but there’s just something about him I can’t trust when balls get fired into the box late on.

Into the defence…



  1. Agree 100% Alioski & Harrison were awful..need to drop both of them for Saturday to freshen it up upfront. Last 15 minutes of 2nd half it was the old Leeds of trying to give the game away..got away with it.

  2. Also agree Alioski is a walking disaster. Gives us absolutely nothing in any game. Ayling back to himself again in the first half, giving the ball away. Harrison and Alioski are getting too many games IMO. Hopefully Douglas is okay for Saturday. We need our injured lads back quickly.
    We really made hard work of it tonight.

    M.O.T !!!!!

  3. I wonder if saw the same game. Hadn’t it been for BPF in the last minutes, we would have two points, and Luke had more touches than anyone on the Pich. How can you say you don’t trust in the greatst keeper we had since Martyn (hopefully even with a bigger potensial than even him as he grows)? And Ayling doing nothing???? You got to be kidding!

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