That’s about as good as you could hope for from the first game of preseason. It was quite hard to see what formation was being played but we’ll go with this –

Bailey Peacock-Farrell – 4 – Didn’t really have to do anything till the last moment of the first half, he really should be saving that.

Into the defence…



  1. Alioski was dreadful … never beat a man and consistently gave away the ball … correct rating, and yes, he’ll be lucky to start the season.

  2. Alioski the worst Leeds player to day. Ayling, Phillips, Forshaw and Dallas the best. The ground very small and tight did not help. Promising first game under our new gaffer.

  3. It was OK.
    Did not see anything new, and a lot of huff & puff.
    The team looked small, which will be a worry in the Championship.
    Short of 5 players of quality.

  4. What did we learn? BPF okay but prone to error; Ayling better attacking threat than a defender; Cooper still too many lapses – and NOT a leader; without Pontus we have NO attacking threat from set pieces; Roofey works so hard but never going to score the 25+ we need of a number 9. Oh no we didn’t learn any of that – we already knew all of that. Bielsa stated 5/6 new faces when he came – not one new face tonight. We NEED 2 CBs and 1 natural goalscorer – without them we will not achieve. On the plus side could definitely see what Bielsa was trying to do, and so much better in terms of focus, workrate, fitness and discipline.

    • It’s the same team as last season that’s why and will probably get the same results as last season without three or four new players adding to Baker and Blackman.
      Apart from winning, the other highlight of the night was the blue Leeds kit, which looked fantastic and let’s hope that the home kit has some blue put back on it for this season, because the gold lettering looks ridiculous and disappears into the white shirt.

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