It’s just ridiculously frustrating at this point. The majority of the goals we concede are self-made. They both were tonight. Anyway, let’s get into the ratings..

Felix Wiedwald – 5 – He causes panic in the defence constantly. He doesn’t give his defenders a shout and it results in corners being given away cheaply, like for Derby’s second goal tonight. He’s not good enough.

Into the defence…



  1. Bit harsh on De Bock who is terrible but, did a few things right to warrant at least a 1.
    Also thought Berardi worth more than a 6. He epitomises what a defender should be & was solid tonight. Cooper was poor but better than a 3. No service to Lasogga in 1st half but, as soon as we did he scored; funny that.

    You have a point about Jansson. If we fail to get him a better partner then he will be off. Need Bartley back. Ayling fit & rather have Berardi at LB than De Bock – just wish Taylor would have stayed.

    Just think, we binned Green & Silvestre for Wieldwald & Lonergan; absolutely disgusting. If that was Orta then he should resign immediately. Radrizzani needs to wake up & start explaining some of the transfer activity because i am sure Victor won’t.

  2. Ah well.
    ANOTHER season in the Championship.
    De Bock is rubbish.
    I’d love to know who recommended him!!
    Felix is a nightmare.
    Viera has not played well for a long time now!
    We don’t deserve promotion.
    ANOTHER injury time goal conceded!!
    Chairman and Orta, bow your heads in shame, for the shambles of a squad YOU created!!


  3. Samuel Saiz good reserve game against Derby. But I can´t forget he have cost us the season and Christiansen and part of his staff the jobs for plain stupidy. He have much to pay for.

  4. A fair summary. There is no way that this team is good enough; it is being carried by one or two players. The goalkeeper has to go. He never comes or a cross, so the opposition know his weakness and play to it and his own defence are frightened of what the might do. This, plus his lack of communication, means that the defence act like frightened animals and make more mistakes than they should. Still agree that Cooper isn’t good enough, so the first thing the manager has to do is get a reliable goalkeeper and sort out the defence for next season. Next up is the midfield. More competition required. Viera and Phillips do not work hard enough. They should be peripheral players and we need two more ball winners, one of whom can pass the ball in an incisive way. We need at least one wideman who can cross…if Dallas has a place it should be as a crosser of the ball and he should play higher up the pitch. As for the attack…Saiz is a must keep. If Alioski could stop trying to win free kicks and concentrate on playing to a whistle it would help him. We need proper centre forward, someone who can hold the ball up and bring midfields into play. Someone who can score with his head and feet, 15 goals a season or more. Someone who can stay onside and has energy. I have seen a dustbin run better than Lasogga. Surely there is better than him currently playing in the Champonship or League 1 with future potential.

  5. Not over yet! PH has to drop De Bock and put Beradi as left back! Anita as a right back! Pennington replace cooper! Saiz for injury Hernandez! Alioski for Roofe! Lasogga as central attack!philip for Viera Then we are invincible!!

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