Running out of words to describe just how bad Leeds are at the minute, in every department. Christiansen is reluctant to change anything and this is the result of that. We refuse to sign a centre-back when it’s clear to see that we need one and Jansson goes off on a stretcher.

On top of that, the players simply aren’t playing good enough or smart enough. Anyway, into these awful ratings…

Felix Wiedwald – 5 – Can’t really blame him for the result but didn’t do anything too great either.

Into the defence…



  1. Absolute sh*t.
    Can’t see how you gave the keeper what you did. He does not command his area at all today (he did last week for the first time and had his best game). He was at fault for the last goal throwing the ball out to two close defenders who weren’t ready to receive.
    Orta was sh*t at Middlesboro and he’s no better here. Get Rid.
    The manager is a one track pony and has to go as well . Totally lost the plot – and how can you replace a cr*p Lasogga with a cr*p Sako?
    MOT (but why are we putting up with this regime Rads????????

  2. I think its clear that a new manager is needed who will experiment a little with players and formation. Stop buying untested players and go for experience!

  3. I have seen enough. Someone better check the referee’s pocket. He is a rich man after the game. Definitely on the take.

  4. The slide continues!!
    The Chairman and Victor must take responsibility for this fiasco, as our team and squad stink!!!
    Fans invested heavily in the club with season tickets and have been let down so badly!!
    Our season IS OVER now.
    Pennington is our only centre back now, for the next game!!
    Hells Bells!!!

  5. Jesus where do you start 4 players get a red card, in four consecutive games, no forward can put the ball in the goal when a blind man could do better. Seriously i do like the idea of sticking with a manager but i think TC is out of his league.
    Neil Warnock must be laughing all the way back to Cardiff.

  6. been on about this for ages now. get rid of orta and tc. it aint working and we are a mid table finish this season. open your eyes radz listen to the thousands who see the same shit every week. dreadfull performances, poor signings, poor management will not win any thing. orta out first. scout for new manager at end of season. start again.

  7. This team wold not survive the Conference let alone the Championship, what a bloody disgrace. sack the lot of them. oh and Eddie Gray.

  8. Breaking news TC to be sacked
    Orta and Kinear to step down
    Another dismissal shocking performance no discipline in the team throughout the game
    You have been let down by your players and management team, AR.
    Mid table finish
    30,000 leeds fans all let down by the leeds players
    The team can go for another camp in Spain
    WE NEED A BRITISH manager who knows the rigour of running a club in the championship

  9. I said thousands times we need a great proven striker!!! 4:2:3:1 is desperately need to change to 4:3:3!!! DEFENCE needs a great CB! Pennington is not the answer!!

  10. Left at half time for the first time ever. Nothing to do with the team although they were awful and badly set up. Left because for the second home game in a row the officials have made decisions against Leeds that were so bad they must have been paid off. Refs and linemen/ women are killing the game.

  11. I don’t know what the fuck TC is think when he chooses his tactics, fucking useless all across the board!! When TC first turned up for the job he could talk the talk, gave it all, this is where Leeds went wrong last season, this was their weakest area and all that yada yada.. But guess what, he’s done fuck all about it, talk the talk but can’t walk the fucking walk.. Leeds United too big for him, we need someone in who knows how the Championship works… Sorry but for me TC and Orta have to go…

  12. absolute dredfull performance roofe allioski total crap yet again lot of players in that team good enough cristianso is the worst manager we had in a long time rather have steve evans stop hiding your team selection is shite not up to this league like the playrs you have signed get him out now sign mark hughes up someone who wont stand for shit like we keep wstching season ticket holder for a long time may have to retink this stressing out every sat i could get a better team for this league

  13. Get rid of Orta and TC get Mark Hughes in total disgrace today those 2 haven’t got a bloody clue what Is needed to get out of the championship another sending off. Supporters let down massively yet again. Watch the gates go down
    Wake up Radriazzani get rid of these clowns

  14. Absolute crap again the people who are saying mid table are being optimistic at this rate we are gonna be in a relegation battle who do we play next? Oh fuck me Sheffield united away.

  15. The time has come the Walrus said to speak of many things,
    Of sacking the Coach and his staff and shoving their contracts up their rings !
    Neil Warnock will sleep well tonight , provided he stops laughing before he gets into bed ! Cellino has a lot to answer for.
    I just wish that Signor Andrea Radrizzani would be a bit more forthright instead of horizontal.

  16. Serious questions to be asked about the club’s recruitment strategy., the type of football our players are being asked to play and, of course, the suitability of the Manager for this level of football.

  17. The training in Spain was not a sensible thing to do because the players were overtrained there . It is known that overtrained players are very fragile: 3 in a week!!Also team selections and tactics not good, not consolidating 1st team where needed: goal keeper, centre back , a striker to play with Lassoga!! The latter is deadly when given good balls!!No one is doing so!He is not a british type of centre forward!also mentionning the fact they got rid of Green who is a top keeper!!If Radriziani does not see all this then no use to continue supporting Leeds and wasting a lot of money and getting angry!!

  18. I think let TC stay until the end of next season. This is his first taste of championship football and needs time to adjust. However by the end of next season we need to see something. I know everyone will disagree but give him a chance. I am just as disappointed as anyone else but changing management every year seldom works. Bit like a diet…needs stability otherwise it’s a yoyo.

  19. The five year plan is basically spend no money on quality players. Rely on 6 or 7 of the under 23 ‘ s that have been purchased recently in the hope that in 3 or 4 years time they will fire us to the premiership. The woods and Taylor money has been stashed. And radz is hoping for a man u class of 92 but will be called the class of 2022!!! That my friends is the 5 year plan!!!!

    • The ‘5 year plan’ started 15 years ago!
      Unfortunately any decent player from ‘the U23’s’ will be sold as they always have.
      Watching Wolves on TV, shows how a real committed and talented team should play.
      We are ‘Shambles United’ – design a ‘club badge for the future’ around that reality!!Our rivals are better than we are just now, and who knows where we will be when Samu gets back.
      TC said that the club did not bring a central defender in because “we have got FIVE already”.
      We may have FIVE bodies, but no others that are any good.
      This is not a new feeling for us, and we have been sucked into the Flim Flam once again.
      Fans returned in there droves, in the hope that this was our time.
      Thinking back over our fall from the top flight, it is difficult to think of a worse squad than this??


  20. The squad is crap. The manager hasn’t a fucking clue. We will be very lucky to avoid a relegation battle with the shite we are playing. Every team from now until the end of the season will be looking forward to playing us, and why wouldn’t they.. I am going over on St.Patricks day for Sheffield Wednesday match and I bet we will be in the bottom six by then. Some fucking let down. A few weeks ago we were thinking top 2. Now we are thinking bottom 6. It’s too late now. Transfer window closed. You can’t expect to climb back up the table with half the Muppets that we have in our squad. I wouldn’t sign half of them into league 1 if I was a manager there. Not fit to wear the shirt. Total shite for most of the season.

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