Luke Ayling – 3 – One of the worst Ayling performances I’ve witnessed, his all-round game was terrible.

Pontus Jansson – 10 – That’s right, a 10. Jansson was that good. He absolutely dominated in defence and scored what might be a massive goal for Leeds this season. His post-match reaction about the referee was absolutely beautiful, too.

Liam Cooper – 3 – Just as bad as Ayling today, mistake after mistake, sort of like we saw last season.

Stuart Dallas – 5 – It’s not his fault because he’s not a left-back but the difference between him and Douglas was clear to see.

Into the midfield…



  1. The referee has definitely been bought to win this game for Brentford! Referees like these should be thoroughly investigated by a selected board of committee into such poor handling of games. Referees are not paid much to referee games. However, this referee will walked off very rich after this game.

  2. This referee has definitely been told to lose the game for Leeds and win it for Brentford at all cost! That’s how obvious it was. Somebody or committee should check on this referee.

  3. Good game ruined by a vertically challenged, horizontally challenged, follically challenged, blatant Leeds hater with two glass eyes.

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