One of Leeds’ worst performances all season and definitely the worst under Paul Heckingbottom. A severe lack of effort and quality have seen Leeds crumble in Middlesbrough tonight, so let’s get into the ratings…

Felix Wiedwald – 0 – He is a bad goalkeeper, he should not play for Leeds again. Simple as that really.

Into the defence…



  1. Weidwald should never play again – he’s crap and I’ve said it from the first game he played.

    If the manager can’t see that then we should get rid of him too – don’t blame the defence when the keeper doesn’t command his area.

    I liked the cheers when he actually caught a ball in the second half!! Shows we are not all blind!

  2. What the f###ck was that tonight.
    Forshaw not in the start he never explained
    System he never explained
    Blamed every one but himself
    Took me back 3 to 4 years
    Hegginbottom has got me worried
    Would be lucky to get in to u23 play offs
    Sad and totally confused with what the man is trying to achieve
    F:#$@ing devastated with the direction we are heading

  3. Ph is the manager like Tc all Useless!!! What is the training and preparation all the week!!! Nothing??!! I agree gk is not exist! Get rid of him!!

  4. What to change?? Ha ha about 6 of the players for absolute joke tonight..manager now needs to get rid of the dross and start getting a proper team together with youth starting RIGHT NOW!!

  5. I thought you weree a bit generous with them all. they looked like a pub team who would rather be in the pub. Weidwald and O Kane should never play for Leeds again. The season is over now and frankly I see nothing but misery for the next season and so far not particularly convinced by Heckingbottom.
    Saiz is a liability yet again at the end of the game and Forshaw was more interested in having a laugh with

  6. Supporting leeds at the moment is a bit like brexit
    I am so confused and don’t know what the outcome will be but everyone says it won’t be good but no one has a clue untill it happens
    So we wait and see

  7. I know the keeper is absolutely shite but so is most of the leader,no organisations and no fighting spirit the only good thing about Leeds at the minute is the loyal fans .. and it’s about time the over payed, under performing players realise this and start paying the fans back .

  8. Season been over since we went top and were ‘found out’. Stop Siaz, stop Leeds, no plan B. Feel sorry for Christiansen, and now Higginbottom. Team is crap. Orta to blame. Fams been telling Radrizzani all season, and although he’s done great things for the club, it’s on the pitch that counts, they’ll turn on him. Season over, play the kids, we’ve got 200 of em!

    • Higginbottom? I’m that devastated I can’t get his name right! Different manager but nothings changed. Only difference is were £500k out of pocket lol.

  9. I’ve supported Leeds for nearly 50 years now – Weidweld is THE worst keeper we have ever had. Who ever thought getting him was a good idea?
    Berardi’s score here is so wrong – Leeds man of the match today – probably the only one who tried and tackled and ran.
    Lassoga – yes, no service. But he never looked for it either. Last few weeks looked hungrier, fitter, interested, determined. Not today. Nothing. Total disinterest.
    Cooper – hopeless AGAIN. Total liability.
    Pontus – was it an off day, or has he just given up. Hope it’s former, but who could blame him if it is latter. Would you want to keep trying if you were him. Must be utterly demoralising.
    Heckinbottom – my view … give him time … at least enough time to get his own team. We could have got Guardiola – how would he have succeeded with Weidweld, Cooper, O’Kane, Philips, etc.?

  10. The recruitment policy at Leeds is appalling, keep Jansen, Ayling, Forshaw and Saiz….Have a car boot and get rid of rest

  11. The season is over now and so some playets should not play again for the rest of it in preparation for being shown the door at the end of it. The next team should not include, Weidwald, Anita, Okane. Cooper, Dallas and Phillips to the bench. Vieira needs to go back to the u23s to get some confidence back. Who comes in, that doesn’t matter too much but certainly there’s room for some of the U23s to be given a chance. Peacock Farrel can’t do sny worse than weidwald and Lonergan so give him chance to prove himself for next season.

  12. No manager could succeed with these players.
    This has to do with guts, not tactics.
    Talent not formations!!
    Victor is a plonker!!
    Another wasted season.
    I have better things to do with my time!!
    Supporters excellent once again – they don’t deserve this.
    Massimo made £45 million at our expense!!
    Let us hope this regime have the Club and the team at heart.
    I cannot stand another con man!!

  13. Leeds ARE falling apart again.
    Not one positive thing to say.
    Dump all the no marks, and try kids…. It actually can’t be any worse.

  14. That must be Felix’s last ever game for us. He has been given many chances but stuffs up every time. We will never win anything with this numpty in goal and the chaos that he inspires. A youngster could not do worse so let’s give someone else a go.

  15. Odd that the one player we have who can match Traore for pace was not playing. A clever or more experienced Manager than Heckingbottom would have made a stop Traore strategy the centre
    piece of his planning. Alternatively play our fastest player in the way Pullis played Traore. Perhaps Heckingbottom has been told by Radrizanni to prioritise, not points, but discovery – which players to go forward with next season and beyond. In this sense, he should have learned a lot from last night. Why oh why was a player like Dallas – a mid table performed at best – given a new, three year contract ? Great for Dallas – he can cruise into his 30s wearing a NIreland shirt, even if he is at best a bit- player at Leeds. But he is just one example of giving players – Vieria excepted – generous contract terms.


    gerry cwmbran

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