What a start to the season! Leeds mixed being class with being typical Leeds in what made for a very entertaining game. These are our player ratings:

Felix Wiedwald – 6 – Possibly our least impressive player? The first goal for them he seemed to be absolutely nowhere and he just looked a bit unsure at all times. He’s got plenty of time to improve though.

Into the defence…



  1. Think you’ve been far to positive with those ratings. Phillips 9?? He didn’t dictate the game or refrain from giving the ball away constantly. Okane weren’t much better. Alioski and Roofe did little, Wood did less.

    Made hard work of a poor Bolton side.

  2. Your comments about Sacko are way too complimentary. I hate having to be critical of our own players but he’s a waste of space, time, and transfer kitty, so God only knows what possessed United management when the decision to re-sign him was made. Can’t we send him out on loan to somebody we don’t like.

  3. Going forward we were really good and still lots of players to have a good look at. Wonder who will play against port vale. Then bring on Preston.

  4. Hadi was very weak, and his first touch…….
    Pleased for Calvin, but he does get caught on the ball too often!
    It felt like a 3-3 draw, as Boltons up and under tactics upset
    our weakened defence in the second half.
    They needed help from our big goalie, but he did not dominate the box and his punching was weak!
    Even thought Shaughnessy gave away a stupid penalty, I like him. He is a quality player.
    Hernandez was excellent!!
    Anita was calm and real quality!
    Cooper looked like a real Captain today.
    Odd choice though, as a fringe player?


  5. second half was poor for me, we lost control of midfield with o kane and philips running out of steam and boltons big long ball game to contend with, would have liked to see Saiz or Klich but defenders getting injured probably changed the game plan.
    Not a fan of philips as he gives away too many rushed tackles in bad areas which give teams a chance to pressure us from free kicks, took his goals well but still a liability, still back him as he wears the shirt but team can kick on from here

  6. cannot agree more about dicko, sorry sacko what an absolute waste of space…pace??? what is the use of that without an end product, can;t control a ball, that club swing at the ball at the death virtually on the pen spot was embarissing cannot believe we did’nt send him packing and that we actually paid a fee for him, don’t tell me dallas,wilks,antonsson, et al are worse than this guy…we won mot

  7. Sometimes I just wonder which game people were watching today. It’s the first real game of the season away to a very large Bolton side. We won the match and took the points. Plenty of other teams will find it tough coming here.
    Lets please take the general view and stop criticizing individuals. There was bucket loads of commitment out there and determination to hang on after two key defensive injuries. It’s what we expect and it’s what we got. The players look a tight knit group under the new manager / coach.
    Whenever we get live games the armchair critics who never go to ER come into their own!
    Winging at and naming our own players on a public blog site is disrespectful and disgraceful.

  8. Phillips plays well, scores 2 goals & still getting peters from the fans – unreal. I thought Bolton were poor but we did the job & looked much more of a threat than last season. Aside from Phillips I thought o’kane & ayling played great. Special mention to Anita who came on at left back & looked assured barely playing a bad pass. We will be better with Pontus back (hopefully as captain) & another centre back… fingers crossed we sign Bartley or Flint this week #mot

  9. Great to see Kalvin Phillips play so well. Sadly some group of the Leeds fans must have a home grown player to slate every time.
    Recently that have been Phillips, he is one of us so please stop slating him and other home grown players.
    That same fans grumble when the players the have slated are sold.


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