Not the prettiest game you’re likely to see but at least they won…

Bailey Peacock-Farrell – 7 – Nothing he could do about the goal, which was one of the first things to come near him all day. He was let down by poor defensive marking again.

Into the defence…



  1. Haven’t got a clue why o Kane plays every week when he is shit or can’t be bothered and sign Pablo to a long contract not just a season

  2. O’Kane needs dropping, so does Lassoga. Leeds should pay his airfare to Germany now. I have seen a dustbin move quicker! We should try some of the Under 23’s before the end of the season and leave out those who don’t seem interested in fighting to get as high as we can in the table or who are just playing or continuing to play badly.

  3. Hecky is just trying and giving O´Kane his chance. I think he have now got the answer to sell him in the summer. Also Klick should be sold and one good midfielder signed – that is our midfield fixed, Forshaw, Phillips, Vieira and new signing.

  4. The season is over. I was falling asleep today! It’s like groundhog Day. When 2-0 up, we should have finished them off, instead, we commit the same mistakes and they almost came away with a draw.
    We have players with no fight, players with no idea and players who can’t finish!
    Never mind. I suppose we’ll be ready for next season after a summer of tennis and a crap world cup!

  5. Lasogga Danny’s to play but his physique won’t let him. Okane plays head down like a kid in the playground. Alioski physically lightweight for the Championship and easily outmuscled. Heckingbottom isn’t the man we need. Barnsley had won 8 of their previous 50 games when we appointed him and rumour has it he wants three of their players on the summer. NO! Eddie Grays comments earlier this week about quality not quantity recruitment should guide the club.

  6. Leeds should have put five past a very poor Bolton team, but some of the Leeds players literally crap themselves when they get a goal scoring chance and I’m sick of seeing piss-poor finishing in every game and it’s cost Leeds dearly this season. That also includes constantly hitting the post and crossbar in practically every game.
    If this very poor finishing carries on into next season, then relegation is a certainty.

  7. The drought has been broken , Thank G-d. Ekuban should have had a hat-trick , minimum. The bottom line is 3 points and up 2 places in the table. If we repeat this exercise EVERY game until the end of the season , who KNOWS where we’ll end up L o L !

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