Another loss, Villa were nowhere near their best and cruised to victory in the end. Leeds did have a solid 20 minutes which was ruined by the arrival of Grot. Another great decision from Heckingbottom.

Bailey Peacock-Farrell – 10 – Couldn’t have done any more, if Pennington hadn’t had a meltdown then BPF would have had his first clean sheet. A great performance.

Into the defence…



  1. Excellent summary.
    Too light weight all over the pitch, but no lack of effort.
    Pablo was very poor which did not help the strikers.
    The back line did well and Bailey was excellent.
    Pennington is too small for a centre back, but battled all the game.
    I would not sign him though.
    Villa had all the pressure and we had a chance to beat them, but we were not
    good enough.
    In the end it was another defeat!!
    I cannot remember a run like this in all the years I have supported Leeds.
    The fans were great again and Bailey, Tom & Paudie were outstanding!!


  2. Rubbish game rubbish team..I agree with you that those three were our best don’t want to be there next season nor should they be..Philips obviously spends more time in the hairdressers than on the training ground..

  3. Totally agree.. the youth showed the so called experienced players up tonight apart from Grot who is absolutely crap and that’s putting it mildly. Hernandez did nothing right and I wouldn’t miss him next season as he’s so hit and miss.After tonight we should stick with youth and a sprinkling of older players and not th other way round like Radzinne wants.anyway upwards and onwards

  4. Totally agree.. the youth showed the so called experienced players up tonight apart from Grot who is absolutely crap and that’s putting it mildly. Hernandez did nothing right and I wouldn’t miss him next season as he’s so hit and miss.After tonight we should stick with youth and a sprinkling of older players and not th other way around.

    • I agree with you Mark. Hernandez is too hit and miss. Someone else said Philips spent too much time in the hairdressers. I was at the Wednesday match at elland road and although he didn’t start that game he spent most of the warm up waving at people in the stand. What he needs is a kick up the arse, as do 7 or 8 more of the squad. It looks to me like some of them are just happy to pick up their wages every week.


  6. O’Connor, Pearse, BPF were just outstanding. Forget about Ekuban. He has had more than enough chances. Surely we are not keeping Lasogga, Grot, Alioski, Dallas, O’Kane, Anita,
    Ekuban, Ayling next season. Get them off the wage bill asap and bring on a few more young lads. Heckinbottom just doesn’t have a clue. He persisted with Anita almost all season, where the hell was Pearse all this time. He is a crap manager pretending to know what he is doing but he doesn’t have any idea. O’Connor is from my home town and he is going to be a serious player, hopefully for us. We need a massive overhaul now for next season. Let’s start with a new manager, someone who has some idea how to run a club properly. Get Orta out, although he couldn’t be as bad again with the shite he brought in to the club this season. I have been a massive fan for almost 35 years and I can’t remember ever having so many total wasters in the squad as we have now. I am certain 90% of this squad would not be near good enough for any other team in the championship.Orta you have a lot to answer for.

  7. Good summary. Fairly accurate … personally would have given Viera more than Philips, I felt he held things a lot more and helped out the defence.
    There is a problem of awarding Ekuban a zero …. where would you go for Grot and Lasogga? If Ekuban is a zero then Lanky and LeadLegs must both be minus 2.
    If Pearce and Bailey can play life that, then surely it is time to play Sam Dalby or Kun Temenuzhkov up front – both know where the net is.

    • Yes bring them on Nick. Sick of looking at lead legs lasogga and Ekuban . As well as all the other crap we have. Give youth a chance. What have we got to lose.

  8. Is this a wind up? BPF 10? He did nothing special whatsoever. Pearce is too small and Pennington was excellent apart from the goal.

    The young player bias on here is frightening

  9. I agree in part with the comments above. BFP is excellent and getting better every game. Tom Pearce looked good but maybe should have done a little better to stop the cross that Grabban scored from. Paudie is 100 better than Cooper!! Where I disagree is that I can absolutely see what Heckinbottom is trying to do.. he asks the players to play ‘without fear’ and the forward passing was a lot better and we looked good at times. What on earth can he do with such rubbish elsewhere.. Ekuban!! Grot!! Phillips!! Pennington!! Alioski!! Lasogga!! We and Heckinbottom need more quality players. Give the manager a chance!! Get rid of Orta and give the manager some more quality to work with. At least we got the ball on the grass and passed with tempo and tried to go forward.

  10. The top teams are full of strong experienced characters, with the odd young player if he is exceptional.
    I watch the U18’s & U23’s and we have some fine prospects, but they won’t get us promoted next year.
    Young players need experienced players around them to progress.
    Young players fade, and need to be looked after.
    ‘Bringing through our young players’ is the mantra for owners who do not want to invest in the team.
    We sell our young players and bring in crap players!
    Let’s not kid ourselves.
    We are the perennial ‘5 year plan’ team.


  11. 10 for BPF but he let a goal in. And most of the rest got 0-3. If they were that bad it would’ve been 10-0. Total BS ratings.

  12. I concur and agree with two people, ‘Michael’ and ‘Henryv’. The need for a good quality right back, a solid technical centre back. I would sell Eunan O Kane, Grot, Ekuban, etc. A total of 6 new quality players required, i.e. 2 strikers, 2 midfielders, and two defenders and possibly a top experienced keeper and Bailey as no.2. I would like to see Oriol Rey and Temenuzkhov play in the first team. I would use 2 or 3 academy players and remai ing players would be made of experienced personnel. The squad needs some overhaul, and the engine needs oiling and upgrading. The players we’ve tried and used in the last 2 or 3 years aren’t good enough to be playing at Elland Road. And there is a need for changes to personnel. The problem is solid goal sniffer attackers we need. And a new solid defence. I think left back should stay with Pearce and a new right back ad I mentioned earlier. The story concerning Pennington, I believe he’s too short for a centre back and should play as wide player and he can easily be shrugged off the ball, e.g. the match against Sheff Wed, but, not as defender. If we don’t score upfront, we can’t win, strikers are the key to success and a solid defence, but, a new one and slightly tweak up midfield. And we have some talented midfield in the u18s & u23s, so we can always use them. P.S. Off topic conversation. And if I was playing upfront, I’d do a better job than Lasogga and Caleb. I would play with a fearless lionheart commitment. And I would play on a pay for less. I maybe 47yrs old, but, darn play better than our strikers. I would create space, make moves to distract other players and hound them down in making errors. After all age is not the issue, it is the will and desire for hunger that feeds a good player to keep striving for success. I have that because I have captained my own cricket team and 5 a-side football team. And yes, both formats are totally different, but, it is the tenacity, aptitude and technical and hunger for victories which I believe is the motto I adhere to. Thank you for being patient.

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