Upon venturing into the realms of social media after the Watford game, I honestly don’t know what I expected. Last season, conceding an 86th minute equalizer would’ve seen slurs towards the team, manager and generally anyone associated with the club. However, this was not the case! The general consensus was of 1 point gained, rather than 2 points lost, which is great to see. And so, this sparked the question, are Leeds fans changing in mentality? Are we beginning to see the dissolution of the ‘morons’ the mighty Ken once made reference to, and the reformation of a truly ‘United’ fan base one more?
In my opinion, yes. And rightly so.

The stark contrast in performances by this Leeds team and that of last season is incredible, and on this season’s performances, Watford was one of our best. It saw both the second highest pass completion rate of 79% and second highest attempts on goal of 22, which contributed to making Elland Road rock, and ultimately this does help the fans positivity. When you’re seeing your players show such determination and grit to get back into the game and lead for a while is excellent. From last season’s sense of not giving a sh*t, it can only help make the fans positive.

Zaliukas. One man…or God. I run out of expletives to describe his performance on Saturday. It was simply majestic. He himself brightened up many people’s twitter news feeds, triumphant fans overjoying in the fact he cost us NOTHING. For me, he’s one of the best freebies we’ve had in years…(strong competition for this feat, I know.) He made the highest interceptions in the game, and also the most clearances. Added to the fact he steamed in for a last-minute block to save a point, and you have one glorious Zaliukas sandwich that any fan would happily take a chunk out of.

Now, the change in mind-set of us Leeds fans is a lot clearer than stringing a few passes together, or having a reincarnation of a God in your team. It’s the fact we’re simply better. We currently sit 8th with 30 points, a whole 7 places higher than at this exact point last season. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face then I don’t know what will…
Well actually, I do. Maybe the fact we’ve won, at this stage, 60% oh home matches, placing us with the 4th best home record in the league. And based on our last 6 home matches, we’re finally 1st in a table! I could go into our away form, but then that would make most people walk away from reading this and consume vast amounts of alcohol. So I won’t!
Our attack at home is 3rd in the league, scoring on average 1.90 goals, and only failing to score in 10% of games. Compare this to last season’s average of 1.30 a game and you can see why our attendances are on the rise!
Our defence has also seen improvements at home, conceding on average of 1 goal a game…in comparison to last season’s 1.13…that’s just what Zaliukas does for you.



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