We’ve done player ratings after every game this year with the exception of Wigan. This is our player ratings for the whole season, every squad member will be under inspection here, so settle down and enjoy. Feel free to abuse me in the comments after you’ve read it all.

Rob Green – 8 – Rob Green had a shaky start to the season, making a key error in the opening day game on his return to QPR. At that stage I was thinking, my word, we’ve signed an older Silvestri. He followed that up with nothing special, decent performances, until we faced Newcastle at home. He somehow managed to mess up a simple catch, dropping it into the path of Dwight Gayle to score, Leeds never recovered from that on the day. However after that and in 2017 especially, he’s been arguably our best player. Some of his saves have been purely ridiculous and he’s earned us possibly even more points than Chris Wood has! We made this video to show our appreciation for the man. This doesn’t even include some quality performances he put in after the Brentford game.



  1. I agree with them all apart from Phillips.phillips is dire we should have sold him and kept mowattt his “great passing range” is good but rarely hits it’s intended target all he ever seems to do is give the ball away then get booked trying to win it back

  2. No I totally agree with the Phillips evaluation, I think he is a confidence player , much like Chris Wood. When he is on his game, he can strike a ball with thunder, ping long-range passes around the pitch, & makes tackles high up the pitch. He’s not often as entertaining to watch as many people would like, which I think is why the things he really contributes well go un-noticed, & at the end of the day, let’s not forget, he’s been started a fair few times & is still in that group of young players underneath what was the Mowatt, Cook, Taylor trio, he has a lot of learning to do, but Monk obviously see’s something in that, & Im not one to doubt his views after what he’s done for us this season.

  3. Brilliant execution of ratings though, the only one I’d slightly knock was Bridcutt, just because as much as he does sit back too much & leave the midfield open, he’s broken play up against many teams this season & stolen their momentum not allowing them to build decent attacks, always fully committed & doesn’t go half heartedly into a challenge. I’d have given him a 7

  4. Great ratings. Agreed with the majority of them exactly.
    Really enjoyed your honest opinions on the CM positions. O’Kane not given enough starts, and although Bridcutt does a lot of good mopping up, he sits far too deep and it’s as if we’re down a man on the rest of the pitch. Huge fan of Monk, only issue is his team selection sometimes. Great article!

  5. Aha would agree with all of those too bad were shite this season. What songs did you use for the videos please


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