Different summer, same old rumours. Leeds are yet again being linked with a 30+ year-old journeyman, and another ex United player. Birmingham striker Marlon King, a player I really don’t want back at Leeds, has been the talk today.

King was told at the end of last season that he was not needed by the Midlands club and could move on for free, so why would a club aiming for promotion go for a player not needed by a mid-table Championship side? King is now 33 years old, we’ve seen our fair share of over 30’s that just aren’t good enough at Leeds and I think he’s one of them. We should be looking to the future and signing youngsters with potential and 24/25 year olds that are good at this level. For all we know this Marlon King rumour might be rubbish, hopefully it is, I just think we need to be aiming higher if we are to have a chance of promotion.

If there is any truth in the rumour though, what does that say about GFH-Capital’s finances? Do they really have the funds to back Brian McDermott and allow him to build a squad good enough for promotion? There have been many rumours about another takeover since GFH took over in December 2012, in fact it has been a common occurrence. Back in March it was revealed by the YEP that Steve Parkin wanted to buy a majority stake from GFH. If we have another summer of takeover business then it’s likely we will get left behind in the transfer market and miss out on targets, McDermott might even have enough and leave. What I want to know is, if GFH had this plan all along to sell the club quickly, why did they spend time making these ambassador roles and bringing out new membership schemes? Why did they make Season Tickets cheaper if they were just going to sell as soon as they could? Nothing really makes sense, it rarely does with Leeds.

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