Leeds take “doing a Leeds” to a whole new level – fans react


So Leeds decided today was the day that letting us down on the pitch wasn’t enough, they wanted to make us a laughing-stock off the field as well. I’m not against changing the badge in general, I am however against changing the badge to a design that looks like it was made by a primary school kid with WordArt.

Leeds claimed to have asked 10,000 fans about this badge. That is quite clearly a load of rubbish. However, a petition against the badge has reached 17.5k signatures at the time of writing, so majority rules, right? Feel free to sign it here –

Anyway, here are some of the best reactions to Leeds’ new badge…

Even The Fa Cup decided to get involved…

and former players too…

Don’t forget international cricketers, also…

This is unfortunately very true, it does look like it’s straight out of Pro Evo

It’s been a disastrous day for Leeds, the only thing that could make it worse is the announcement that we’ve sold Ronaldo Vieira to Red Bull Salzburg.

Let us know what you think of the badge, should Leeds go back to the old one?



  1. We should and must return to the old badge. It represents all that we are proud of – our city and our County –
    with parts of the City of Leeds heraldry and parts of the County’s Coat of Arms. This new badge looks like something designed for the 3rd Reich. Appalling. Sends out totally the wrong message. Leeds and Leeds – not some stupid 1930’s war slogan

  2. I have supported Leeds United from the Leeds City coat of arms through stylised peacocks, smileys and roses to the present, but my personal favourite was the LUFC script, but this one has to be a joke, right?

  3. it’s ok to tweak or change the badge a little but this horror show has nothing to do with leeds club or history. embarrassing, shocking, repulsive. not 1 leeds fan will stand for this.

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