It is widely known that Robert Snodgrass is available with West Ham no longer including him in their future plans. He’s been linked to both Sunderland and Sheffield Wednesday so far, but sadly not us. Snodgrass should have rocketed to the top of our list as soon as it was known he was available. Last season if we had a winger with his creativity we may well have gone up, we were extremely wasteful as a team from the wide positions. Sunderland will be hard to beat due to the Grayson factor, he knows how to get the best out of him, whereas Sheffield Wednesday seem to have an infinite amount of money. However, if we’re serious about promotion this season as it looks like we are, we should stop at nothing to bring Snodgrass home.

He would instantly raise Chris Wood’s game to a whole other level. Wood scored a ridiculous amount of goals last season and that was with limited chances compared to most other sides. How many times did we have about 2 shots all game and score 1 thanks to Wood? A lot. Everyone is pretty positive around Leeds United at the minute, but this would just give a further lift that would really get everybody excited for the season and probably sell some more season tickets too.

Although we’ve made good signings so far, we haven’t really made that stand-out signing that we all want to see, Snodgrass would be exactly that. That’s not to take away from the signing of Vurnon Anita though, that’s an excellent signing at this level. Leeds bringing in Snodgrass would show we really mean business and under Radrizzani, I wouldn’t be too surprised if it happened. What do you think, should we bring Snoddy home?



  1. Don’t want him IMO. Once they have gone they have gone. I agree injury prone and he is not the only player who can cross a ball.
    Anyway, I want to see some goals coming through the middle.

  2. It’s all supposition on the writer’s perspective, but, I really doubt he’ll be signed and anyway, and Leeds will be going for better players. I disagree with one statement that Sunderland will be hard to beat. I seriously doubt that, they were abysmal in the Premiership, last season. The only players still left to complete their moves are, Alioski and Saiz and more players are required; one left back, centre back. Alioski will partner up with Woods up front. Anita can play right back and that issue will be resolved, being a versatile player. If Leeds get the Wolves centre back and only 26yrs, he’ll probably pen 3 yr deal. Anita’s 3 yr deal was about right, as I was contemplating 2 or 3 yrs deal and it was 3 yrs with his new club, Leeds Utd. 3 more defenders, right back, centre back and left back. The latest report on the Wolves centre back, they’re viewing him, I hope it pans out for us, cause, we need centre back to partner up with Jansson.

  3. Personally I think we need two CB’s to see the season out allowing for injuries and suspensions.
    Just a point on Snodgrass – I have wondered if he is a trouble maker in the dressing room? His next move will be his fifth after leaving Livingstone.

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