After yesterday’s game it’s not too big a surprise that Leeds want to sign another centre-back to replace Bellusci. Several Tottenham sources are saying that Leeds have signed Milos Veljkovic, the 19-year-old Serbian centre-back. Last week the player himself said he was close to joining a Championship club and it appears that Leeds have won the race to sign him. He also played for Serbia in the U19 European championships this summer. He played for both Boro and Charlton last season on-loan but both of those moves were a disappointment. Veljkovic is 6ft tall, making him about the same as Bellusci, he can also play defensive midfield which will be useful as we’re low on numbers at the moment.



    • Well it is true considering he’s an error waiting to happen and refused to play for Leeds United last season 🙂

  1. “After yesterday’s game it’s not too big a surprise that Leeds want to sign another centre-back to replace Bellusci”?

    Perhaps you could explain why after yesterday’s game? Imo, two questionable incidents involved Bellusci … one, the alleged handball, was it deliberate? maybe, maybe not, and the second, a shirt tug just outside the box where it had been six of one and half a dozen of the other … those two incidents apart, Bellusci had a good game. Maybe you also need to tell Massimo Cellino that the club are looking to replace him, I’m sure he doesn’t know.

  2. To be honest Bellusci isn’t an centre half, he’s more of defensive midfield. Too incident prone to be last line of defence!

  3. Fans love a villain and For leeds it seems to be Bellusci who gets blamed for everything………..yes hes temperamental but hes also brilliant…… he has bags of skill in comparison to your average championship centre back and I think Leeds fans need to give the guy a break…..(dripping sarcasm)

    As for the Spurs defender……..Hes supposed to be very talented but I suspect this is for cover to start with

    What does interest me though is the nature of the deal, Spurs fans are saying there is no way they would let him go loan to permanent but Cellino doesn’t like straight loans ???

  4. Why dont you people that have a half empty glass thank Mr C for what he has done so far. To many of the supposed investors before him were just there for what they could get out of the club.He has allowed Rosler to bring in people that he wanted and if Burnley game was anything to go by we should be in for an exciting season. Get behind the team and stop your moaning or piss off and watch Scum.

    • I assume this guy is talking to himself ?? Who has slated Cellino on here…baffled…………….. you need help


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