After what feels like the longest negotiation of all time, Bielsa is ready to sign the contract that will make him the next Leeds United boss, according to the ever-reliable Phil Hay of the Yorkshire Evening Post.

This is an extremely exciting time to be a Leeds United fan, it’s a long time since we’ve attracted someone of Bielsa’s calibre to the club. He wouldn’t have agreed to be the next Head Coach unless he was sure that some good players would be coming in. Get ready Leeds fans, it’s going to be a wild ride.



  1. its finally done and dusted, thank fcku for that partisans
    onwards and upwards to total world domination
    right arm saule , yeha yeha
    the new minellium begins all as equal LEEDS will survive YRA YRA

  2. If your White your Rite If youir Red ????? you poor poor souls in your macurian slums, 2up2down with leaks, your not manu scummy ransid rat eaters your Leeds wanna bes, no chance get under yout brigdges with yor needles

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