Leeds’ season was ended in embarrassing fashion over the last two games, both 3-0 defeats. We haven’t seen the expected improvement when a new manager arrives, just more of the same. It’s clear to most people that two central midfielders isn’t working, as we get overrun far too often. So for the game tomorrow, I’d go 4-3-3, like we did in the 3-0 victory against Bristol City.

GK – Bailey Peacock-Farrell – BPF had about as good as a debut as you could hope for against the best team in the league. It would be silly to bench him after that, we need to see if he could be our future number one.

Into the defence…



  1. I’ve been watching Leeds for many years and we are no closer to the promised land than we have ever been!
    BPF great game midweek but let’s not get carried away, my 82 year old dad would have an improvement! Pontus is quality but he will be in the prem next season! Samu and Hernandez lovely footballers but need to stick a foot in as well, Forshaw is a great addition, Viera needs a boot up his backside, could be great in the championship and Dallas is very honest, unfortunately the rest are just not good enough!

  2. Same old problem, Leeds need to spend 50 million if they want promotion, but with that money can they trust the new manager to buy the right players, I think not!!
    Same old. Same old!!!!

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