Leeds sack Christiansen – Look to appoint McClaren


Leeds have tonight informed Thomas Christiansen that he is no longer Leeds United manager after a terrible run of form that leaves Leeds 7 points outside the playoffs. Many fans noticed that Steve McClaren was at the game on Saturday and if all goes to plan, he will be the next head coach of Leeds United.

It was obvious on Saturday that Christiansen had lost the support of the players and the fans. McClaren won’t be everyone’s favourite choice but he can’t be much worse at this point, can he?

If it helps, McClaren did grow up as a Leeds fan.

Let us know your thoughts on the managerial situation at Leeds, would you be happy with McClaren?



  1. Nothing will change as long as Orta is in charge of recruitment. TC is tactically useless but the squad he had to work with is inadequate and that is down to Orta

    • Agree totally

      We were close to a great side last year with Green Taylor Bartley Bridcutt & Wood

      With another midfielder,winger & Forward we would have cracked it

      Now we need a major overhaul

      Fans are fantastic MOT but I’m not happy with Orta as he’s looking long term with 9 U23 signings and we need the Premiership in next 2 years as it’s now £150 million for promotion

  2. No McClaren has failed in all previous managerial positions and it would be no different at Leeds.
    Would definitely prefer to have Grayson back.

  3. I agree, McLaren was England Manager, had experience working with Alex Ferguson, knowing a lot of English attacking football, Good luck Mr McLaren!!!

  4. It has to be Mark Hughes.
    Please not McClaren. The powers that be have only half done the job. Get rid of Orta also and do the job properly.

  5. Please God not McClaren. Please God not McClaren. Please God not McClaren.
    Can we have Marco Silva please?

  6. Surely no one would be so clueless as to appoint McLaren? Although Christianson lasted 3 months longer than he should have,so you never know. Strachan please.

  7. Mark Hugh’s for me. McLaren is a perennial failure, Hugh’s had Stoke over performing based on their relative budget in the P L and that is what Leeds need, to over perform relative to the budget, McClaren has never done this and is not capable of doing so.
    By the way, 4 first teamers suspended and three injuries plus Janson on the half hour and beradi red card! Not sure binning the manager is fair after that game against one of the leagues top four sides this term?..

  8. No way not mc laren we need someone with vigour and good people skills davids the man and hes been about lately too

  9. What has McLaren ever achieved as a first team manager? Yes he has managed England and various clubs but as I’ve said what has he achieved.

  10. Yes definitely Mclaren, exactly the type of manager we need, knows the championship inside out, was unlucky to be sacked by Derby, loved the kind of players he signed at Derby. Think he would help us get promoted next season.

  11. Don’t see mclaren as a forward move. I say Hughes or Strachan with Grayson as back up. Whatever happens it should definitely be a British manager bit we’re missing the point. Nothing will change as long as it’s Orta buying the players. His recruits have been shocking! We bought about zillion players for the under 23s and they’re still useless. With the so called talent he bought they should be walking their division. The first team recruits are even worse! Only Saiz has any redeeming talent although the De bock looks promising

  12. Same as the vast majority! No McClaren at Elland Road apart from spectating from the stand..! He hasn’t been a success anywhere so why give him another chance to fail? Simon Grayson has been a successful manager in the lower leagues so his return I would welcome.

  13. Orta has always been the real problem since day one.

    A man who difn’t notice Taylor and Battley were missing.
    Got rid of Green for Weidwald.
    Went shopping for Cibicki when Wood left. And now he’s dtowning our sub-standard,, worse than last years, Under 23’s with billions too many players who we’ll get nothing out of in the long run. They are as one guy said a Frankensteins monster we’re building, that will be hard to unravel.

    Get rid of Orta now.

  14. The “Wally with the brolly” God help us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He has failed at every English club he has touched -he never managed any of them

  15. Mclaren No way!! First get rid of Orta then appoint Nigel Pearson he has the right experience and man management that we need.

  16. If. Mc claren. Gets. The. Job. There. Will. Be. A. Riot. Amongst. The. Fans. Grayson. Is. Leeds. Through. And. Through. We. Are. Leeds. And. We. Are. Proud. Of it. M. O. T

  17. So the favourites are McClaren or Stam. Boy, let’s just see the comments coming in on this one , especially from the usual experts who grace these sites. Anyone who thinks there will be big changes in the squad are living in cuckoo land, so we are stuck with the same.
    If there ARE decent additions then it just confirms how shoddy TC has been treated. Personally, I think the whole thing still stinks.

  18. So the favourites are McClaren or Stam. Boy, let’s just see the comments coming in on this one , especially from the usual experts who grace these sites. Anyone who thinks there will be big changes in the squad are living in cuckoo land, so we are stuck with the same.
    If there ARE decent additions then it just confirms how shoddy TC has been treated. Personally, I think the whole thing still stinks.

  19. Sorry for TC! Too much for him to cope with the cards and type of players and Orta,and the championship! definitely need an experience manager in this league to see us to see us to the end of the season!

  20. Defo not Maclaren
    He’s no charisma ,Personality or presence
    I wouldn’t play for him

    We need a manager like Dyche from Burnley

    I’d go for Nigel Pearson

    I can’t see Mark Hughes at Leeds
    as Fans would rip him if we had a few bad defeats

  21. O’Leary back to manage the team would be my choice. McLaren would be excellent but as Director of Football.

  22. McLaren was one of the most clueless managers England have ever had and his track record in the championship certainly wasn’t impressive. I’d take Grayson over McLaren any time.

  23. Nigel Pearson
    Steve Clarke
    Roberto Di Matteo

    They’d be sensible

    If Leeds fans were choosing they’d say

    O Leary

  24. I fully agree with the general opinions, McLaren is a long term waste of space, and always fails in the end, after initial successful period. God help us if he is the best we can hope for, recruiting has been somewhat Grotty, excuse the pun, so that needs looking at. Will keep supporting, like all crazy 😜 people do, and hope for better times, are we mad, probably 😳

    • McLaren is the thinking mans pile of shit. Imagine that idiot grinning like a Cheshire cat in post match interviews after our ten men suffer another home defeat. Orta has to go to,I can’t see any decent coach taking on the job when they’re going to be castrated from the off. Christianson was a fanny and that’s why he didn’t mind and that’s why the disciplinary record is embarrassing.

  25. Mclaren will b a joke! Give us Grayson, Strachan, Stam, martin o neil or mark hughes.

    But first thing first. The no 1 problem is ORTA. Get rid of him. He is not focus on 1st team! He is working for under 23! Wrong strategy.

  26. Whoever we get will have to work with the players we have, apart from out of contract players.
    10th manager in 6 years to get the boot.
    The squad & Victor got TC the sack.
    Particularly the red card idiots!!
    Never a dull moment!!
    I hope the new man has some say in recruitment.


  27. It’ll be McClaren. Radrizzani is a businessman and knows nothing about football. That’s why Orta involved. Get rid of Orta, bring in Silva (we wish!) or Pearson/Strachan and let them decide which players they want. Grayson a backwards step. McClaren? I’d rather have the dodgy badge!!

  28. Whoever gets job must from start sort out discipline
    Get them all to toughen up it’s a physical game prima donners not welcome McLaren or Grayson is my choice but they need to sort out this lot from the off and the young leeds grown lads have to improve fast all best Tc you just was too nice toughen up MOT

  29. Not McClaren. Nigel Pearson will sort them out. Louis van Gaal said he would only take a job that could give him a chance to get back at Manure. With a bit of foresight this could be the ideal job…especially as we hate Manure as well.

  30. Forget about McClaren, O’Leary, Strachan.
    Mark Hughes is the man for us.
    Give him a 3 year contract and let him do his job. He will deliver for us and we will be back where we belong.
    My biggest fear is will we get a proven manager with that Muppet Orta in charge of purchasing players.
    Orta out. Hughes in

  31. Dear God,it gets worse. Paul effing heckinbottom? Further proof that we have yet another clueless owner. I’m just about finished with Leeds and this barrel scraping. Radrizzini please go and take orta with you before you do any more damage.

  32. Some people are saying bring back monk NO WAY people have very short memories scumbag tapped up by middlesbrough

  33. No, not Grayson, but, we get Hickingbottom. I’m not sure he’s the man for the job. I see it that either the owner couldn’t find anyone suitable, though, based on track record and ended up choosing the former Barnsley manager. The names people mentioned, some weren’t good enough, i.e. Mclaren, Grayson. The other names weren’t on the list, I presume, only Radrizzani knows best. I don’t think Orta is responsible for bad recruiting, it’s more of taking a chance with young talent, mostly continental. I don’t think for once have doubts that Leeds will affect home grown talent at all, you need both, continental and domestic. Harte’s recent comment; his concern was for home grown talent being put aside, I don’t think so. However, I do believe that one should have an expert recruitment person, who travels around searching domestically and continental. I believe we do, before Orta’s appointment as Director Manager. What are his role? Answer= Head of recruiting talent from top academies. His job is to find young talent and nothing more. The coaching side is different and that requires someone who has experience on the pitch. Furthermore, I don’t think Orta’s the problem. And you must remember over many years, Leeds have always recruited good home talent and abroad, so I don’t need to fret about Orta being the anomaly here. Leeds are organically good at sniffing a good talent or two. Finally, our primary focus should be play-offs and end the goals at the back. An end to ill-discipline. The team lacks motivation and grit. Be more consistent and win the remaining home games and away games, too. P.S. Orta also runs Qatar football academy and Cultural Leonesia segundo La Liga Spanish club. Radrizzani didn’t appointment Orta, if he thought he wasn’t good at his job. The set up is fine and much better when former Leeds owner, Chellini was around. We had business cronies on the board, i.e. the Bahraini Financial Group eho had a stake in the club, only were here for profit making and no clue how to conduct football business, e.g. former Reading manager who was Leeds manager until he was sacked by a business board member. I recall that incident clearly. One last thing, when Heckingbottom was manager of Barnsley and were near play offs, he had 3 key players before being sold to a bigger club and Barnsley faded away. He may work or not, the next few games will show. Leeds are not in the business of selling talent, well, they have, but, only when player’s agent have advised otherwise. The new manager won’t have that issue with Leeds. He still has a better squad as compared to most clubs. If Barnsley had those key talented players, he would’ve got them into the play offs before Leeds, but, that’s my theory, which is based upon whst he had in the beginning and then his aspriration for the play offs vanquished, with the sale of their talent. And enough said here, let’s get this team back to winning and back on the road to the promised land. If he does it with Leeds, great and if not and we buy serious players for next season and take control of the Championship like Wolves are currently doing.

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