Finally we had some news today! Massimo Cellino has failed the Owners and Directors test, the football league has announced. The Italian is said to be “shocked” by the news and has 12 days to appeal, whether he will or not is another story. Personally I am happy with this decision, Cellino was and is not what we need. Yes he has money but at what cost to Leeds United? I can’t be bothered watching us play under 2 managers a year for the next 20 years. I also don’t have any time for the “he’s the only option” statement, he’s clearly not. The football league don’t just fail anyone, anybody in as many court cases as him is bad news.
In more pleasant news, Billy ‘Job done’ Davies has been sacked by Nottingham Forest and is being replaced by Neil Warnock! How that man has got another job at this level I do not know. There’s more though, he’s already signed LEE PELTIER. LEE PELTIER HAS LEFT THE BUILDING. Hopefully a few more follow in the coming days…
Connor Wickham has also left today, being recalled by Gus Poyet to Sunderland. This isn’t the news we all wanted but we should be al-right given Matt Smith and Ross McCormack’s current form. Academy player Lewis Walters is set to be on the bench for Leeds tomorrow at Bournemouth after Ross McCormack tweeted a picture of him on the team coach. It’s always nice to see the youth players getting a chance!
Together Leeds consortium are set to release a statement in the next 24-48 hours, I just want a quick conclusion now and I believe Mike Farnan is the right man to get it done.



  1. Let’s hope the right players go.
    Personally I was sad Cellino failed. He’s a maverick and passionate about football. Leeds need someone like him. As owner he would care for his club (as a businessman of course).
    As for two managers, we don’t currently have one half the time. He and several players need a good hands on kick up the backside.
    But for now it’s all water under the bridge. Cellino will have to float his boat somewhere else.
    One thing for sure, the FL sure love to stick the knife into our club when possible. Unanimous decision! I’m sure Bates is chuckling too.
    Are we really becoming a freak show? It’s certainly painful viewing.
    Then the story is far from over…

  2. You’ve got to think Cellino can’t be all that bright not to see this coming . He must have a plan B surely .
    I was firmly in the McDermot time up camp , but having seen Forest give Warnock a job I just don’t know anymore . He’s had the sence to let Peltier go- crikey a juggernaut turns faster than him . ! What’s that say about Warnock .

  3. Why the clear out and who next – Ross? I hope that this doesn’t relate to no money now that a Cellino is out of the picture! Wick ham has gone, will we survive this season? Current form does not bode well. GFH no money Bsnk?


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