Massimo Cellino has confirmed in an interview that he has rejected a bid for Ross McCormack from Newcastle and that Ross is happy to stay. This shows a real sign of intent from Cellino to keep our best player, hopefully he can follow this up by hiring a good coach. There will probably be more bids for McCormack but Cellino seems set on keeping the striker. Cellino said “Newcastle made an offer for McCormack and I said no, he is happy to stay here and this makes me proud” in an interview with Sky.
Cellino also confirmed that he had arranged to interview three British coaches on Saturday which have been rumoured to include Chris Hughton, Gary McAllister and Dave Hockaday. I would personally prefer a British coach to an Italian one, unless it’s Hockaday. It’s pretty obvious that we need it sorting out soon because they need to start looking at signing players and preparing for next season. Out of the options mentioned so far in the betting I’d like McAllister to be our new head coach but I know that wouldn’t be popular with everyone. Cellino also reiterated that he wanted a coach to sort the tactics and team out instead of having to deal with contracts etc. Like a manager. He also revealed that he spoke to each player one by one and was very impressed with what he heard.



  1. I am still Cellino all the way! He speaks from the heart, thinks things through very carefully and carries it through. He doesn’t take bullshit. He is already becoming one of my Leeds heroes. God bless Massimo Cellino!


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