It was a scrappy game to say the least and if Leeds had conceded late on, they would only have had themselves to blame for being sloppy. Leeds could also have won the game much more convincingly, if not for some slack finishing and all-round play in the final third. Anyway, let’s get into the ratings.

Felix Wiedwald – 8 – Fair play, he actually had a good game. His kicking still needs work but his distribution overall is much better than Lonergan’s. He made a few top saves too.

Into the defence…



  1. The turning point for Felix was getting the cap from the fan in the Middlesbrough game.There was a bridge built between him and the fans.

  2. Spot-on with all ratings bar one – Alioski, who is picked primarily to create, not defend. Even so, his inability to beat a man with pace or dribbling skills, as opposed to fancy-looking flicks, for me makes him a less dangerous player than Sacko and a less reliable one than Dallas. I understand that his task yesterday was primarily to help Berardi keep Maddison out of the game, but frankly I am unimpressed by his play: his desire to impress the Manager smacks of a narcissistic personality. In his case self wins over side. Saiz – he needs Hernandez to play with. I would pick both for Hull and ‘rest’ Alioski. The tall Polish-Swedish lad can provide the power crosses to complement Hernandez’s finesse. Roofe, of course, stays.

  3. Cibicki has kept his head down and worked hard and has now got his reward.
    My really big disappointment from yesterday was the moaning from a minority when Grot came on. We should give 100% support to our own no matter what. How is the lad going to gain in confidence when treated like that?
    If we are a proper club this shouldn’t and must stop happening. I felt ashamed quite frankly.

    • Of course, Grot should not be jeered. But as much as I do not like criticising any Leeds player, I really do think Grot is a long way from being a first team player. Is Sacko injured ? If not, he should have been available to use as a sub for Roofe. Last season before his injury he looked a dangerous player for us. Sadly, he too has suffered from fan expressions displeasure (particularly from the East side).

      Giving players stick is not a new thing at Leeds by the way – ask Terry Yorath or even John Giles.

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