That’s 5 points dropped from the last two games against two of the worst defences in the league with 0 goals scored. Not a good sign, Jeff.

Felix Wiedwald – 7 – Had a decent game today, think we’re going to have to give up on him catching crosses, though.

Into the defence…



  1. The goals have dried up and this is poor and depressing football. Yes, chances were created and missed today against a managerless team, but you need to have class and bottle to clinically take chances and not “bottle it” by firing straight at the keeper or blazing against the bar, when there’s an open goal. There’s also a lack of Leeds players following up shots and headers that keep getting cleared off the line in practically every game.
    Mr Radz surely can’t be happy with this current bunch of players, for the rest of the season, without making some new signings in the next few days ?
    Players must be signed soon or this season will be over by the end of February, with Leeds current impotent strike force.
    Leeds are charging Premier League prices to watch the team at Elland Road and from what we are hearing from the local press, there’s isn’t going to be any new signings, so there obviously isn’t any ambition to get back into the Premier League this season, but why is this ?

  2. Very poor against two of the worst teams in the league,O”kane,Alioski,Anita rubbish always giving the ball away. Not pressing like we did at start of the season,We need a strong playmaker in midfield and a centre forward. Wouldn,t let Sacko drive the team bus.Whats happened to the money from Taylor and Wood we need to invest NOW or season is over with this squad. Not sure manager is upto the job either.

  3. Toothless inept and frankly not worth paying to see. Can’t score or win against two of the worst defences in the league. There will be another season ending with nothing but the usual misplaced optimism for next season. Against these two recent teams it should have been two goal feasts but in 3 hours of football we couldn’t score one.

  4. We are at least 20 million short of the players needed to get out of this division. The table doesn’t lie and Wolves presently are buying their way to the Premiership and we are miles off the pace.
    We have a good owner but I feel he doesn’t have the shekels to get the job done.
    The romantic memories of Don Revie driving north and signing up Scotland’s youngest and best over a fireside chat and a cup of tea with mum and dad are long gone i’m afraid.
    I feel sorry for the younger generations of supporters being fed false dawns and empty promises but glad I followed this club through the sixties and seventies.
    Sadly that miracle won’t come round again.

  5. There’s definitely something missing, that killer instinct and clinical finishing are not there at home. Maybe the pressure of the big crowds. Season far from over though and whilst disappointing to drop 2 points to a poor florists team, I’m hoping a couple of quality signings might just be enough to keep us in the play offs. Perhaps we need another season to do the job properly. January signings can prove to be expensive and a little panicky.

  6. i must agree if we cant beat birmingham and forest what hope do we have against the good teams i dont think leeds want to go up to the prem lets face it we would get hammered newport must be dying to play leeds and it would not be a shock i think manager has to go before it gets worse

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