It’s been coming, Leeds have been playing poorly and getting away with it all month, but it finally caught up with us today. Not good enough today, especially from Christiansen. Why he decided to change our style against a team currently bottom of the league is mind boggling.

Felix Wiedwald – 5 – Was having a decent game but I don’t care what anyone says, he needs to do better for the goal, push the ball away.

Into the defence…



  1. A shambles really.
    Embarrassing but not surprising.
    We will do well to hang on to a top six place.
    Playing Conor Shaughnessy in midfield shows what the club thinks of Klich!!
    Unless we bring some quality players in this coming month we may well struggle, and slide away.
    As you say, we have been underperforming for a while now, scraping by.
    The transformation at LU has been fantastic in all areas, apart from the squad.
    Our squad is not good enough, once we lose key players!!
    We need a quality goalkeeper : a quality left back : a proven goalscorer : a quality mid field leader.


  2. I see we are in for another Dutch player, what about a british full back, a british goalkeeper and a british sticker.
    If to’days performance don’t register with the head honcho’s god help us.


  3. I think we are getting our hopes up far too early. We have been poor as often as we have been good so far this season. Very mediocre players in the squad ie Wiedwald, Ayling, Cibicki, Lasogga, Grot, Shaughnessy.
    All of the above would find it hard to get a game with any of the top 8 teams in the championship.
    Then we have Alioski, Phillips, and Berardi who are out of matches for 70% of the time.
    Christiansen needs to lay down a marker for some of these guys. It looks to me like some of the players don’t think they will ever be dropped. How come it’s always the same 3 or 4 that play well ie. Jannson , Cooper. Hernandez, Saiz. Thats it, 4 players that are consistent all the time. Not good enough to finish in top 6. I can see us taking a big slide down the table very soon with that squad. Sorry if I am a bit tough on the players but the truth hurts. M.O.T.

  4. We didn’t win a header anywhere other than our own penalty area where we didn’t lose one.

    Very lightweight in midfield, where the Birmingham won all the 1:1s. I would have interested to see Lasonga on for longer today. Cibinski was the obvious first sub. Need to hold the ball much better, sides like Birmingham would soon have got frustrated and their fans, very quiet pre-match would have soon been on their back. Roofe had an impossible job, he needs a midfield to feed him the right sort of balls.


  5. I agree with all the above We have no hope of progress with this amount of dead wood we have been lucky with results by others going in our favour for weeks Not enough quality in team to kick on and dominate We need prem/championship players who give 100 percent all the time We will go backwards if this doesn’t happen in the months ahead unfortunately

  6. We are just not good enough and our position in the league is flattering. We have been lucky to get over the line in loads of games. If we sign up another bunch of cheap crap foreign imports in the window it will all go backwards.

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