The Wolves game was a disaster and a joke, but hopefully it will serve as an extremely last-ditch wake up call for the squad and Garry Monk. We’ve been stagnating for some time now, despite the results not being too terrible. Things have happened like Newcastle, where although we had the beauty of a last minute goal, all that did was paper over the cracks of a poor performance. That was our first shot on target in that game, Newcastle are in the same league as us, it’s not an FA Cup giant killing type game. Newcastle aren’t even playing well at the minute, they lost to Ipswich 3-1 today and lost to Sheffield Wednesday a few weeks ago too. We’ve won 2 of our last 8, this is simply not acceptable. Leeds need to understand that although it’s an achievement to be where we are, we’ve been in the playoffs since November so we’re not just going to roll over and be happy with 7th.

Changes need to be made, we haven’t won away since Birmingham and we go to Burton next, who are fighting for their lives. These are the changes I propose:

Play Charlie Taylor at left-back

Play Ronaldo Vieira and Eunan O’Kane

Drop Pablo Hernandez

Drastic? Maybe. Needed? Definitely. I love Gaetano Berardi as much as the next guy, but Charlie Taylor offers us a lot more going forward and is probably the best left-back in the league, he makes a difference. I’m a big Kalvin Phillips fan and although I don’t think it’s his fault at all, I believe Eunan and Ronaldo would be the best partnership now. I’m not sure what’s gone on with O’Kane who was our best midfielder for a long stretch, he’ll be out of match fitness but he’s worth a go anyway. He’s been promoted before, we need that experience. If either of those can’t play, then Kalvin should, the Preston game was the perfect example of how good he is, Bridcutt makes everyone look bad at the minute. Finally, I know Hernandez has ridiculous talent but in away games especially, he needs dropping. Roofe is brilliant in the number 10 role and he provides the energy away from home that Pablo can’t. If we win our three games, we make the playoffs. Get into them Leeds.



  1. I agree with you entirely on Ronaldo Vieria but OKane are you having a laugh. The guy is the worst of the 4 players we have in contention for two places … By a country mile…
    Think of the games when we have controlled games in the centre and each time Vieria plays ..
    Vieria in my view is worlds apart from the other three and I would play Stuart Dallas in the centre alongside him …

  2. Whatever happens it’s been a great season however we still appear as a one trick piney especially when you see the firepower the rivals have. We will need major surgery but def need to play like we did against Derby Brighton at home for the next 3 or hopefully 6 games …go up a few levels home & away with more hunger and pace

  3. Totally agree with Peter duval,,
    Look we have a striker closing in on the golden boot , both him and jannson are in the EPL team of the year , Green has been bang on form so where can the problem be ? It has to be . As I’ve been banging on about for months , in midfield ,, vieria and roofe have to play for me… it’s not great but it seems the best out of a mediocre bunch

  4. I am sickened by the negativity in our squad today. Can anyone on here explain to me how on earth Phillips is getting into the team?. Not an ounce of urgency in him at all. Our midfield has been missing for some time now and no one seems to see it. What the hell is the problem?. Turn up on Saturday, work your socks off and get stuck in for an hour and a half. That’s not too much to ask for. But they don’t do it. We have relied on our defence for a long time now. Today we have been found out. I can’t figure out why we take Beradi off and replace him with Taylor when we needed extra in the middle and up front. Ok Beradi wasn’t having a good game but neither did a few others. Now we have to win our games and hope others drop points.

  5. They played today like they want to stay in the Championship.
    Not many of them would be fit for the Prem.

  6. I’m not sure about O’Kane over Philliips but I’m with you on the rest, though I’d play the Duke instead of the ineffectual and rather effete Pedraza and put Sack on the right. We have dropped outbox the top 6 because of poor team selection. The management needs to be honest with itself.

  7. I always thought that Bridcutt was vastly over-rated and he looked very average last season and should never have been signed permanently. I would have aimed much higher than signing Bridcutt and an abundance of midfielders WERE available to be signed, in both transfer windows, so what the hell happened ?.
    Like Peter Duval says, even Dallas would be a much better option to play in central midfield. I even think that Diagouraga is better than Bridcutt.
    If Leeds fail to get into the play-offs, then the only people, who are to blame, are the totally clueless people who did such a rubbish job in signing players back in January and Garry Monk must not be threatened with the sack for other peoples total incompetence.
    I thought that the whole point of Cellino’s stupid Coach system, was to sign the proper players, for the Coach to coach and play in the team, or is it to hang the Coach out-to-dry, by trying to do everything on-the-cheap, with a the smallest Leeds squad ever ?


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