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Leeds’ Marcelo Bielsa hits back in a roundabout way at Sky Sports pundit

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Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa has joined Kalvin Phillips in silencing speculation regarding a rift between the two players.

The pressure on the Leeds team right now might be high thanks to the lowly league position compared to last, but the spirits are as high as ever.

A win over Crystal Palace saw a mass celebration at Elland Road, with Kalvin Phillips at the heart of it during the moment and after the full-time whistle.

Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp tried to suggest there was a big fallout between Marcelo Bielsa snd Phillips following the limp draw away to Brighton, but Phillips’ body language and overall display against the Eagles was enough on its own to write off that sort of claim.

He did go out of his way at full-time to set the record straight during his post-match interview, rubbishing the suggestion of a rift between himself and his manager, outlining he’d happily play in goal if he was asked to by the Argentine.

There’s no reason to believe anything other than the two are happy with the other’s contribution, and Bielsa was asked about this mini-saga during his pre-match press conference this morning.

He responded (via Leeds Live):

It’s what’s common in the world of football.

It’s difficult to express yourself over things that didn’t happen, that there’s nothing behind and that they are expressed as a reality. There’s things that correspond to the private part of a relationship so perhaps the media talks about these things that are hidden but this is a next step. This was the spread of something that didn’t happen at all.

“What I’m saying is, it’s a way the press are, the objective is very clear: it’s to bring attention with any type of resource. The press, not only do they inform, but they have their legitimate need that what they tell wakes up interest and in that process, on occasion, it happens that they invent realities to bring attention. But I insist this, all this I’m saying there’s nobody better than the representatives of the press to explain it.

As a result for me to say this doesn’t make much sense, in all the countries in the world the sensationalism occupies a part of the press. I think in England from my point of view, it’s less than elsewhere, normally that’s because the material they work with is precious because very few leagues have so much to say about it as something as precious as the Premier League.

That should be end of that.

If Bielsa or Phillips leave anytime soon from Elland Road, you just know there won’t be a shred of animosity.

It’s great to see the two have been vocal about the whole situation too, not letting it go unchallenged.

You could see in Phillips’ performance against Palace that he wanted to show exactly why he loves playing for Bielsa.

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