With the extremely disgraceful news coming yesterday that a dissident group had spent their Sunday night pointlessly vandalising the artwork of Andy McVeigh, @pantsdanny, or The ‘Burley Banksy’, eyes turned to the club to take a stand and support the fan who has enriched the matchday experience.

They have done just that.

On his twitter, Andy has announced that he went for a meeting at Elland Road today with Angus Kinnear and James Mooney who have offered their total support and are aiming to get into contact with the council to officially recognise the artwork. This would make any future vandalism a criminal offence.

The club extended this helpful offer by offering to pay McVeigh to take days off from his day job as a supply teacher to restore the work that was trashed by the mindless vandalism.

On his twitter, he also hinted that opportunity may arise to do work inside Elland Road in the near future, which would be very exciting and welcomed by all I’m sure.

This is a major step in the club looking to build a positive relationship with the fanbase, recognising their unique talents and unrivalled commitment to the club. A relationship that has sometimes been non-existent under previous regimes.

To hear more about the ‘Burley Banksy”s story, I’d highly recommend giving him a follow on Twitter @pantsdanny



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