Leeds interested in signing Hannover 96 striker Charlison Benschop

Another name linked with Leeds....


According to reports in Holland, Leeds are in contention to sign the 28-year-old forward who currently plays for Hannover 98.

They face competition from various teams including Heerenveen and Fortuna Dusseldorf. Benschop enjoyed most of his success in his first spell at Fortuna Dusseldorf, a second division German side, where he scored 25 goals in two seasons. Since then he’s had various injuries which have kept him from gaining any consistency.

He’s played five games in the Bundesliga this season, scoring once. It’s not exactly a signing that would get you excited for the rest of the season. Although to be fair, I’d never heard of Samu Saiz before this summer, so there is that.

Tell us what you think of the names Leeds are being linked with, do you trust Victor Orta?



  1. Leeds have no hope of coming right till they get rid of Victor Orta.

    He was given 10 million pounds in summer and a directive of getting Leeds into the Premier League.
    Everyone knows his signings for the first team are a bunch of guys who really belong in the division below the Championship. But there is the problem.

    Instead of a team on the pitch Leeds got a lot of cheapies because Victor can walk around the office saying I’ve got something going on and something going.

    The walking around the office is more important than the look of the squad.

    Everyone is going crazy about the continual signing of Under 23 players. It goes on and on snd on all the time.

    The club and the players representing it don’t count.

    Its the walking around the office saying Ive got something going on that counts.

    There us nothing happening with the Under 23’s except for those two things.

    1) A cushion your transfer expert walking around the office saying something is going on and he is doing some work.But with another cushion of pretending we’ll have to wait.


    2) The Under 23’s going to the bottom of their league. They’ve become a shit team. They are totally useless if they’re just filled with Victor Orta signings.

    Yeah may as well wait for them to come through.

    Kun Terghaev was rated in the top sixty young players in the world for the year he was born in. Think he might have finally got a goal at the end of December too.

    Cameron Bortheick-Jackson was rated in the top 30 players in the world for the year he was born in.

    Nothing’s coming out of the worst Under 23 team in the country to save the club (and Orta) on the cheap in the next five years. They usually tell you when something good is there and this is the year of silence on things like that..

    Victor Orta is not a transfer specialist.
    Victor Orta is not a transfer person.

    Victor Orta is a clumsy klutz.

    Victor Orta is a fraud.

  2. Well I wouldn’t have put it quite like that Bob but I know what you mean!
    We are always being told how we are in competition to sign players. However with these foreign teams it’s like saying Torquay or Wimbledon are the competition – quite pathetic.
    When will the club wake up to this nonsense because you can’t fool the supporters.
    I keep banging on about it but just follow the Wolves example. Get a proper Manager and not a coach, spend 40 million on the right mix of players and get promoted and see your money come back in spades. it’s called proper investment
    Any quality Manager worth his salt won’t work as a coach and be handed a bunch of no hopers he doesn’t want.
    It’s admirable Radrizzani doing all the off field stuff but the team has to come FIRST. He is being badly advised and doesn’t seem to get it. So we finish up with half a dozen decent players, a very thin squad a la Newport on Sunday and a useless development side, oh and we send a potentially promising Japanese player to a second rate Spanish division 2 side when we need a replacement playmaker for Saiz. Don’t tell me their players can’t adapt quickly to English football. Their culture is hard work and success.
    We have seen it all before and nothing changes I’m afraid.

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