Leeds United are in talks with Southampton over the transfer of Billy Sharp. Rumours have been floating around over the past few days but no one has really taken much notice, but apparently Leeds and Southampton have been speaking today. There are no indications as to how close a deal may be but after Saturday’s horrific showing, it seems Cellino has finally realised the current team is nowhere near good enough.

There aren’t any negatives if the signing of Sharp is confirmed in my opinion, as long as Byram isn’t involved in any deal. He’s a proven goalscorer at Championship level. Given the chance he will score goals, even in this side. If Bianchi lives up to the hype and Murphy is played in a more advanced role then it would look a promising attack. I believe Sharp would also work well playing off Matt Smith.

Promising times… Now we wait for the announcement that the deal is Cash + Sharp for Byram.



  1. Saints fan here. Billy Sharpe is a true professional and a great championship goal scorer. He will do very well for you. Every saints fan will wish him well and he will be fondly remembered for his help in getting us to where we are now. Best of luck with the new season.


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